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Is Elizabeth Banks Single? Who Is Elizabeth Banks Married To?

Elizabeth Banks
Source: CNN

Does Elizabeth Banks Have a Husband? American actress and director Elizabeth Banks. Her roles as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games films and Gail Abernathy-McKadden in Pitch Perfect have made her a household name. Many were wondering if Elizabeth Banks is taken. The answers to such pressing questions as “Is Elizabeth Banks Married?,” “Who is Elizabeth Banks’ husband?” and “Does Elizabeth Banks have children?” as well as “Who are Elizabeth Banks’ children?” may be found by reading this article to its conclusion.

Is Elizabeth Banks Married?

Elizabeth Banks has tied the knot, that’s true. In 2003, she married her longtime partner, Max Handelman. They’ve been together for for 25 years, having originally met in college. Max is a writer and producer who helped create the firm Brownstone Productions, which has produced several of Elizabeth’s movies (including the “Pitch Perfect” series). Each of Elizabeth and Max’s two children was delivered via a surrogate. Even though they have separate but complementary occupations, they remain close and supportive of one another in all aspects of life. Elizabeth has been quite open about her devotion to her husband and children and the need of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

“Elizabeth Banks’ Husband”

IIn 1992, when both were still in college, Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman began their relationship. Max has established himself as a prominent sports writer and producer. Since their 2003 wedding, when they exchanged vows, the couple has welcomed two boys, Felix and Magnus. It was only through to surrogacy that they were able to start their families. Elizabeth has stated that her 27 year marriage to Max is her greatest achievement. Despite the passage of time, they’ve managed to be a happy, committed pair.

Is Elizabeth Banks Single? Who Is Elizabeth Banks Married To?

Source: CNN

Do Elizabeth Banks and her husband have children?

Elizabeth Banks is a mother of two, that’s correct. Felix Handelman and Magnus Mitchell Handelman are her and husband Max’s sons. They have two children, both of whom were born to them through surrogate. Elizabeth has been extremely forthright in interviews and on social media about the difficulties she and her husband had conceiving a child and their eventual decision to use a surrogate. She has also spoken out in favor of increasing people’s understanding of fertility issues and voicing solidarity with families that choose for alternative childbearing methods.

Who are the children of Elizabeth Banks?

Both of Elizabeth Banks’ boys are grown and on their own now. Her son, Felix Handelman, was born in March of 2011. Magnus Mitchell Handelman, her second son, was born in November of 2012. Elizabeth and her husband, Max Handelman, had difficulty conceiving children, so they had both of theirs born via surrogate. Elizabeth has been quite open about her decision to use a surrogate and her experiences with the process, even though she did not carry her children herself. She has spoken openly about the rewards and trials of motherhood and posted images of her children online.

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