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Is Eva Green Have Boyfriend? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Eva Green
Image credit- New York Post

If we say Eva Green is the greatest Bond girl ever, many people will concur. She became more well-known in Hollywood after playing Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, and everyone was raving about her.

Eva Green appeared in numerous blockbuster films, including 300: Rise of an Empire and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, in addition to Casino Royale.

People can’t help but be fascinated about the man who might win her heart with an actress as skilled and attractive as her.

Tim Burton And Eva Green: Did They Date?

Eva Green

Image credit- New York Post

French actress and model Eva Green excels in both fields. Even though her fame is growing rapidly right now, she never allows speculations about her relationships and personal life to overshadow her work. She desires that the media and her supporters only highlight her professional accomplishments.

Sadly, Eva Green had to stop hiding. The list of men who were fortunate enough to be in her life, as well as details about her previous relationships, are widely available online.

Eva Green has been unmarried for a very long period, to begin with. Her romantic history was last reported on in 2016, and even then, it wasn’t a committed union. Eva Green was allegedly dating a well-known American director in 2016.

Marton Csokas Was Eva’s most Longest Relationship

Let’s talk about Eva and her official partnership now. In 2009, she began a four-year relationship with Marton Csokas, who played her co-star in The Luminaries.

But it wasn’t The Luminaries that brought them together. Long before they collaborated on The Luminaries, Marton and Eva had split up. The two became romantically involved after appearing together in the epic film Kingdom of Heaven in 2005.

The two had been dating for four years, which was a long period, but they hadn’t intended to get married because they still wanted to prioritise their professions. In addition, Eva didn’t seem to have ever been intrigued by the notion of marriage.

Because there wasn’t much information available about Marton and Eva, they also cherished keeping the specifics of their relationship as private as they could. The furthest he could get was that Marton Csokas didn’t mind going out with Eva.


1. Who is Eva Green?

A. She is a French actress and model

2. What is her profession?

A. Actress

3. What is Eva Green Nationality?

A. French

4. How old is Eva Green?

A. 42 years old

5. Does Eva Green currently have a boyfriend?

A. No

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