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Is Grantchester will return its season 8

Is Grantchester will return its season 8

On Good Friday, season 7 of Grantchester came to a close, and it was included with a huge twist, as the wedding of previously confirmed bachelor Reverend Will Davenport. In the finale season, the motor-cycling, crime-solving vicar found himself on the other side of the altar, marrying Bonnie, a single mother and a widow who arrived in Grantchester to help out her aunt Cathy meaning that by the end of the season, will Grantchester return for another season?

ITV has “got the green light on negotiations” Robson Green recently revealed this, and it is possible that the eighth season of the crime drama, but it can not be confirmed if discussions would succeed.

Green said we are open to negotiations, so they plan season 8, as ITV will love to do another series. However, it is clear whether everyone else is ready or not, including Charlotte, Tom, and every one other.

Know what happened at the end of Grantchester season 7-

In season 7, it seemed to conclude on a final high note, with various plot lines resolved and both halves of the show’s central bromance and Will and Geordie paired off. However, although Robson Green has revealed the conversations around season 8 are happening, it is not confirmed by the ITV about the show’s renewal.

At the end of the season, DI Geordie Keating and Reverend Will Davenport managed to win over the loves of their lives, with Geordie reuniting with estranged wife Cathy and they Will rushing to the train station to meet Bonnie before she and her son boarded a train home. Asking her to stay in Grantchester, Will declared his love for Bonnie, who responded to her answer with a kiss before the episode fast-forwarded to their wedding, with Geordie filling the role of Best Man.

In the season, the wedding reception following, Will and Geordie found themselves on the green overlooking Grantchester’s church. And the Geordie joked, “It’ll be kids next,” before the couple threw their arms.

In the season 8, Who will be there in the Grantchester-

Everyone is expecting the majority of the main cast of Grantchester to reprise again their roles, including the roles of Tom Brittney and Robson Green, who played the role of the central crime-solving duo. Everyone is also hoping that Ghosts star Charlotte Ritchie, a cast newcomer in the last season of the series, would also reprise her role as Bonnie Davenport, Will’s new wife.

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