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Is Juan Carlos son dead? Know about Juan Carlos Escotet son

Is Juan Carlos son dead? Know about Juan Carlos Escotet son

A well-known Spanish-Venezuelan banker or we can say a billionaire banker and the founder of a well-renowned Banesco, Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez whom you may have known as Juan Carlos Escotet’s name had recently started grabbing headlines but the main thing was that his name as we are reading in the headlines is not just single-handedly because of him but some of the social media pages are claiming that his own son has died therefore some local news sites are claiming that his son lost his life while doing boating.

However, there is no official update has come so far about his son’s death but some social media pages are still claiming that his son is dead. As per the sources and the inside info, it came to know that it was his younger son, who died on Saturday. 

The incident occurred while he was boating in Keith, Florida, USA.

 Well, you must be thinking that who had the wits that they broke the news so reportedly a journalist named Ángela Oraa took to her Instagram account to announce this very news. According to her view, it came to know that the incident happened suddenly which lead to the death of his son. actually, the boy’s girlfriend fell into the water so he just jumped to save her from drowning but unfortunately he died while surviving in the water.

When it comes to talking about his net worth he has been listed on the 5th rank in 100 richest Spaniards in 2021, and perhaps it is enough to tell you how rich he is without any other official figures in hand. Being searched by many that what is Juan Carlos Escotet’s son name who died recently so according to the information on the internet, Juan Carlos Escotet has total 5 kids and Escotet Alviárez is the 3rd son of Juan Carlos Escotet and María Isabel Alviárez who passed away in the boating accident.

Also as of now, we have been told that no official announcement has been made so far about his death so we are trying our best to find if it is true or just a rumor through our intel and other sources. It is therefore our humble request that you do not spread any kind of rumor about Juan Carlos Escotet’s son’s death because just a single rumor of this level can hurt the sentiments of everyone. So, just put and you will soon get the real news about Juan Carlos’s escort’s son.

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