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Is Karen Widdoss dead or Alive? what happened to her?

Is Karen Widdoss dead or Alive
Is Karen Widdoss dead or Alive

Karen Widdoss is a wisnomin, Philadelphia resident. In the 1990s, she went through something very tragic that still scares her. When Karen was 13 years old, she started a relationship with a 17-year-old boy, Leonard Tilton. Their relationship was very nice at the starting. It was full of affection, love, and understanding. But, after two years of dating, Karen decided to move on, make new friends, so she decided to break up with Leonard.

At first, Leonard seemed fine with it, so she thought that maybe he was also moving on just like her. They were still friends, so when Leonard called her from time to time to know about her well-being, she didn’t think much of it. Leonard was indeed a very big part of her life. After some time, Karen started to realize that Leonard has been stalking her. She got very scared, so she changed her number, but that didn’t stop Leonard. He started sending letters to her house. He wrote very disturbing details in the letters.

Is Kaern Widdos dead or Alive?

It came as a shock to Karen one day when she woke up to Leonard was throwing rocks at her window. They had an argument and after that Leonard went away. Relieved after this, Karen went back to bed but woke up again to Leonard stroking her feet. She got startled and ran to the living room. After that, Leonard started strangling her. When she passed out due to this, he changed her into a skirt and then raped her. This wasn’t the last thing he did; he also stabbed her with a butcher knife. When she gained consciousness after that, she realised that she was being put under her sister’s bed by Leonard. After he left, Karen still had a strong will to live, so she crawled toward the hall to call 911 with much difficulty. And she got saved.

Karen Widdos now:

Kare is completely fine now. Due to so many difficulties, she managed to survive. The stab was intense. It was an inch from her heart. Now, as a public speaker, she works to ensure that she can help all those who went through the same thing she did. She was to give these victims a voice. 

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