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Is Lil Duval the comedian who died after he met in a car accident?

Is Lil Duval the comedian who died after he met in a car accident?

Lil Duval is a popular stand-up comic who recently met with an accident. he suffered severely in that accident. there has been social media buzz that he has died in the accident.

A lot of people want to find out the truth of this matter, people have been searching online to know about their favorite comedian’s health.

Our reporters have researched it for you so we can provide you with the most accurate news on the internet.

Lil Duval’s early life and career:

Lil Duval is his stage name. his parents named him Roland Powell. He is 45 years old. his date of birth is June 12, 1977. he was born in Florida. He completed his high school at first coast high school. he moved to Atlanta Georgia to pursue his college and he studied there. he aspired to be a singer and during his early days he tried his hand at singing and he could not make it as a singer. He recorded an album and wrote a song with Snoop Dogg and Ball greezy. the singing was a tremendous hit. it reached billboard 100.

Lil Duval has been active on the dating market. he is a stand-up comic so he travels a lot and meets a lot of new girls. after a lot of searching, he found Sheri. it was his longest and last relationship.

He was with her for more than a decade, after they started dating they had their first child in 2008 without marriage, and after their children got bigger they wanted to get married, in 2014 the marriage idea became a reality but it did not work well and they got divorced.

Is Lil Duval the comedian who died after he met in a car accident?

He is also known to visit stripper clubs and he might have a girlfriend over there.

What happened after the car accident?

He was on the Bahamas route when he met with another car that came at him furiously. both the drivers met with injuries. he was also sent with a lot of care by nearby people.

he is alive and getting treatment.

there is a video of his car getting crashed which has gone viral. there have been rumors of his death but he is getting treated right now.

his wounds are serious but we hope soon he will be able to walk again and live a good life. 

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