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Is Ramy Iskander dead or alive?

Is Ramy Iskander dead or alive?

Rumor of Ramy Iskander’s death

Nowadays, social media has evolved into a contentious platform where anything may go viral at any time, and almost always, this controversy is fed by false narratives or rumors. Because rarely does a rumor surface without reporting the death of someone influential; otherwise, the problem becomes the worst possible form. Something similar has happened recently, with a few anonymous rumors reporting the death of Ramy Iskander, the e-founder and CEO of Intento Design. As soon as the news was shared on social media, an outpouring of emotions erupted.

According to confidential news or sources, the person had been suffering from serious health issues for a long time, which had caused him to deteriorate while damaging his inner-body organs. As a result, he was treated by medical personnel in order for him to be blessed with more breath, but unfortunately, his health stopped working with the cure, which became the primary reason for his death. This is what the stories suggest, but no statement has come from his family or close friends, implying that there is a different tale behind the matter.

Ramy Iskander: Who Is He?

According to reports, Ramy Iskander is the E-Founder and CEO of Intento Design while also serving as President. He is revered by his colleagues and employees for taking the company to new heights. Because of the way he works with the company, the news of his death has elicited a flood of feelings, as no one could have predicted that they would be confronted by such bad news on such a sad day. However, none of this is more than a rumor.

Ramy Iskander

So, some details were mentioned that were acquired from other important sources, so one has to wait a little longer for more. But one thing is evident within all of this: these are all just rumors making the rounds on social networking sites.

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