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Is the musician Zinidin Zidan dead as the viral TikTok video claims?

Is the musician Zinidin Zidan dead as the viral TikTok video claims?

On the eve of Eid 2022, shocking news broke about the death of musician Zinidin Zidan. Yes, we have recently learned that news of Zinidin’s death has been circulating on the internet. Zinedine Zindan is a well-known and well-liked musician. He is well-known and respected in the music industry. He has a massive fan base all over the world as a result of her outstanding work. People were saddened to learn of his death. While some people investigate the veracity of the news of the musician’s death. So we’ve provided some information about Zinidin Zidan here.

Is the musician Zinidin Zidan dead

How did the death news of Zinidin Zidan break out?

According to sources, the public was shocked to learn of Zinidin’s death. Zinedine Zidan, a musician, was said to have died after being involved in a car accident on the toll road. It comes as a surprise to all of his fans. The news of the musician’s death went viral on the internet after a post was made on the TikTok account in the early hours of the morning on May 2, 2022. The video, which was shared on Tik Tok, depicts a silver car that has been fatally damaged in front.

According to the description, the musician who had an altercation with an Andika Kangen Band died. In a statement, the TikTok account @afififafia said, “Zidan had a single accident on the toll road at 00.40 in the morning, which resulted in his death, may Allah rest in peace.” People were captivated by the post as soon as it went viral. The post has received 15.1k comments and 18.6 thousand shares.

Is the musician Zinidin Zidan really dead?

Several people have paid tribute to him on social media since hearing the news. People have expressed their grief over his death. However, it has now been confirmed that musician Zinidin Zidan is not deceased. He is perfectly fine and doing well in his life. The news of his death was confirmed to be a rumor after he clarified it himself on his official Instagram account @zinidinzidan real. So, we’d like to assure all of his fans that he’s fine and living his life happily ever after. Zinedine Zidan is a well-known figure in the music industry.

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