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Is there ever a time when Drew Barrymore wants a boyfriend?

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore embodies what it means to be a catch. With her contagious grin and upbeat approach on life, the actress-turned-talk show host has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. The shock waves resonated when she revealed to the public that she hasn’t had since 2016, in addition to being unmarried since her divorce from Will Kopelan in 2016.

It took Drew five years to gracefully accept that her divorce was now legally complete. She’s happy with her ex-husband right now. Even so, the founder of Honest Beauty acknowledges that she occasionally finds it difficult to co-parent effectively. Drew has been occupied constructing other aspects of her life since moving past her divorce. Finding love once more has been put on the back burner indefinitely as a result. Will the actress discover a way to let love into her heart once more, and even better, is she even interested in it?

Drew Barrymore claims she no longer knows how to date.

Drew has spoken openly about her difficulties finding love many times. She sobbed as she confessed why she hasn’t been dating since the divorce to Bobby Burke of Queer Eye in 2022 during a conversation.

She feels, for one, that she is unprepared for dating in this modern day. Drew hasn’t been in the dating scene in over ten years, and the actress isn’t sure where to start.

When Drew was seeking for a boyfriend last, online dating was unheard of, but now it’s the most common way for people to find love. Drew was concerned about the state of the dating scene despite the two of them making jokes about online dating and how Zoom dates would make it simpler to end a bad date.

Through an Instagram matchmaking service, Bobby and his Queer Eye co-star Antoni attempted to assist Drew in entering the dating world again. Drew didn’t end up going past the first date with her Top Chef love match, however it did help her get her feet wet.

Her true loves are Drew’s daughters.

Drew discovered another barrier preventing her from having a carefree dating life – or two, rather, those being her daughters Olive and Frankie – once the dust from her divorce had settled.

Even though the kids are still young—10 and 8 respectively—to say that Drew is protective of them would be an understatement. She regrets that the girls’ discovery that their mother had a bit of a wild side as a child.

She felt that the family she had created with her husband was being destroyed, which was one of the underlying causes of Drew’s divorce, which ultimately crushed her. She recalled how her parents divorced when she was nine years old and was scared to imagine her girls experiencing anything similar to how she experienced as a child of divorce.

Drew underlined that she would need a lot of time to grow to trust someone enough to share them with her daughters. She rarely goes on dates, and when she does, she won’t bring up her girls. The actress continued, “I have to get to know you a little better and have some trust. I’m so protective of them that it makes me feel vulnerable to talk them.”

It could be necessary for Drew’s next lover to wait until her girls have left the house. She has remarked that the start of her children’ college careers might be the ideal time for her to start dating again.

Drew Will Never Want To Remarry, Even If She Finds Love

One thing Drew is really searching for in her next partner is someone who is not interested in getting married. Drew now views marriage as an outmoded idea after going through three of her own divorces. Although she still firmly believes in love, she does not believe that marriage is necessary to establish its boundaries.

The actress made the comment while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I love that we are trying to cling on to an institution that started when the nearest person to you for company was a three-day horse ride away, and your life expectancy was 30 years,” she remarked.

Coming from someone who exclusively maintains good contact with her ex-partners, it’s an intriguing perspective. Many exchanges between her and her ex-partners have taken place on her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. Her ex-husband Tom Greene made one of the more notable appearances. On the chat programme in September 2020, the duo got back together for the first time in 15 years.

Tom also mentioned that his parents were pleased for Drew and her life during the otherwise lovely talk between the two. Drew expressed her gratitude to Tom for enabling her to realise she could find safety and contentment in the outside world while experiencing it for the first time in her life during her relationship with him. The dialogue demonstrated the level of maturity that two people with such a rich past can reach.

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