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Israeli Actor Chaim Topol passes away at 87: Benjamin Netanyahu shares deepest condolences

Chaim Topol

Chaim Topol who was popular in the Israeli Entertainment Industry for his exquisite performance as Tevye in “Fiddler of the Roof”, dies at the age of 87. He even won accolades which included two Golden Global Awards and an Oscar nomination.

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Israel’s respected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared his deepest condolences and paid tribute to the late actor. Chaim Topol was a multi-talented personality who can play diverse roles with the utmost expertise and professionalism. Topol is also known for his remarkable exuberance and exquisite charisma. Netanyahu also praised Topol’s uniqueness in his sense of humor which had engraved him as a folk hero in the hearts of Israelis.

Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged Chaim’s love for Israel and the support and affection reciprocated by the Israelis. Chaim Topol has created a benchmark that would be now followed by the youth of Israel. Chaim’s contribution to Israel’s Entertainment Industry is eternal and much respected.

Who was Chaim Topol?

Chaim Topol in theFilm “Fiddler on the roof”

Chaim Topol who is also known as Haym Topol was born on 9 September 1935 in Tel Aviv, which was then in Palestine but now is in Israel. Topol was born to Jacob Topol and Imrela “Rel” Topol.

Chaim Topol began his acting career when he joined the Israeli Army Service where he was posted in the Nahal Entertainment troupe. His inclination towards acting came from his service. Chaim got his breakthrough in the role of “Sallah Shabati” played by him in 1964 for which he won a Golden Globe Award for the Most Promising Newcomer- Male. He is popular for the role of Tevye played by him in the film “Fiddler of the Roof” for which he won the second Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. He was also nominated for the Tony Award for Best Actor and Academy Award for Best Actor for the role of Tevye in the Fiddler of the Roof.

Chaim Topol got married to Galia Finklestein who was also a fellow Nahal Troupe Member. The couple has 3 children.

Who is Galia Finkelstein?

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Chaim Topol and Galia Finkelstein were both serving in Israel’s Army Nahal Unit but both had different roles to play. While Chaim was posted in Entertainment Unit, Galia was working as a Nurse in the same unit. Their colleagues often say that the couple had love at first sight and with time their love blossomed and reached new heights. After seeing each other in the Nahal Unit, love sparkled and the couple started dating.

After dating, Galia and Chaim decided to get married. Both of them got married in October 1956. The couple became parents to three kids- a son and two daughters. They named their son Omer Topol and their daughters Ady Topol and Anat Topol.

Israel Mourns for Chaim Topol’s Death

Source:- Ariel Schalit by Picture Alliance

Chaim Topol who was best known as Tevye from the role in Fiddle of the Roof passed away on 9 March 2023 after battling Alzheimer’s disease. Chaim Topol bids farewell to the world at the age of 87. Israel mourns and expresses condolences by looking back at the legacy of Chaim Topol.

Chaim was paid tribute by Honourable President Isaac Hezhog, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Former Prime Minister Yair Lapid. The Israelis would forever carry Chaim’s legacy in their hearts and that would reflect in Israel’s Entertainment Culture.

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