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Italian – Dutch Actress Carol Maltesi was murdered brutally

Italian – Dutch Actress Carol Maltesi was murdered brutally
Italian – Dutch Actress Carol Maltesi was murdered brutally

The Italian – Dutch Actress Carol Maltesi was killed brutally by her 43-year-old friend and neighbour.

Who was Carol Maltesi?

Carol Maltesi was a 23-year-old Italian – Dutch actress known as Charlotte Angie. Maltesi was found dead on March 21 2022, in Borno in the province of Brescia. 

Carol Maltesi Death, Obituary, Passed Away

Carol Maltesi was killed by her friend and neighbour David F, a banker. According to reports, David confessed to chopping her body into pieces, putting it into plastic bags and then throwing it down a cliff.

It is reported that David killed Maltesi on January 10th or 11th. According to him, there was a filming of two tapes going on. He tied the actress to a pole for the second one, fastened her hands with duct tape, and covered her head with a plastic bag. He then started hitting the woman with a hammer starting from the legs. Finally, after some time, he slit her throat. Then, he stood there watching her dead body.

The most horrific part was how he went to his own house and brought some sharp weapons. He used those weapons to cut her body into slices. David had put those slices into plastic bags black in colour and kept them in the fridge for some time. 

Afterwards, he threw all of them off a cliff. All this was filmed on his phone, but he had later deleted this. The police are trying to recover those.

The torn pieces were found on March 21, and till then, David drove around in her car, posed as her on social media and paid her rent. The body was identified by journalist Andrea Tortelli who then informed the police and her relatives. David F is in police custody now and is facing a court trial also.

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