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Ivan Reitman – The man who converted dreams to reality

Ivan Reitman
Ivan Reitman

Ivan Reitman is a widespread name in the entertainment and film industry. He belongs from Canada and is placed in the United States of America. By profession, He is a director and screenwriter. He also dwelled into producing lately, getting some part of his career. He was the very famous director of his time and made many critically acclaimed films.

Ivan Reitman Early life and film career

Ivan Reitman was born on 27th October in the year 1946. He was born in the city of Komarov, which is situated in Czechoslovakia. He belonged to a Jewish family. After much hardships, their family relocated to Canada as refugees. When this happened, Ivan Reitman was only nearly four years.

He started his career as a producer on a tiny scale. He used to in the news channels and news stations. He did this for a very long time in Toronto. He had a robust network of people and close friends with whom he partnered to start new Ventures in film production. His very famous stage production was known as the magic show, which was showcased at the Broadway musical. The various genres of movies that he made were mainly comedies in nature. Hos comedy movies were among massive demand in the masses. People loved watching his dark comedy as well. He sometimes also made romantic and thriller movies. They were also very famous. He impacted the audience with his creativity.

It was around the time in 1990 is when he had his first directorial stint. In 2007, he was also honored with Canada’s coveted walk of fame. This walk of fame is general y given to people who have managed to encompass a large audience and influence them with thrift good deeds.

Ivan Reitman Personal life

Ivan Reitman has always tried to be very tight-lipped about his personal life. He got married in the year 1996 to Geneviève Robert. Since then, he has had three kids, and he is very attached to them. They are two daughters and one son. His son is a very famous director who has named many favorite movies in his pen name. He is none other than Jason. His daughter is also in the entertainment industry. And has worked on projects on comedy series of CBC.

In 2009, he was awarded the honorary position of an officer in the police services. He died recently on 12th February at the age of 75 years.

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