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Jacinda Ardern, The Prime Minister Of New Zealand, Has Abruptly Resigned

Jacinda Ardern
Image credit- vouge

The 42-year-old, who presided over the nation during its worst-ever terrorist attack, the Covid outbreak, and numerous other natural calamities, claimed she no longer had “enough in the tank.”

What Happened To Jacinda Ardern?

Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand and an international leader in progressive politics, startled the nation today by announcing her impending resignation.

“I’m a person. For as long as we can, we give everything we have, but eventually it must end. And it’s time for me, “At a gathering of Labour Party members, she stated.

Less than three years after securing her second term in government by winning a landslide election, Ardern announced she would leave her position no later than February 7.

She Worked Well

Later that year, when the deadly White Island (also known as Whakaari) volcano erupted, she received plaudits for her decisive leadership.

She expressed pride in her government’s efforts to address child poverty, climate change, and housing affordability on Thursday.

And, according to Ardern, “we’ve done it while addressing some of the largest risks to the health and economic wellbeing of our country since World War II.”

A Fresh Leader

On October 14, Ardern stated that a general election would be conducted to select New Zealand’s next prime minister. Until then, she declared, she will continue to serve as an electorate MP.

Her resignation creates a vacancy at the top of the Labour party, and Grant Robertson, her deputy, has already ruled out running for the position.

Jacinda Ardern

Image credit- abc News

Ardern said that the reason for her resignation had nothing to do with the current polls, which predict that a center-right alliance will most likely win the election.

She stated, “I’m not leaving because I think we won’t win the next election; I think we can and will.

“I’m quitting because the responsibility that comes with such a privileged profession is heavy. the obligation to understand when you are a good leader and when you aren’t.”

Jacinda Ardern Was The Second Prime Minister

After Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto in 1990, Ardern was the second prime minister in history to give birth while in office.

Ardern received tributes from all around the world, led by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who praised her for “showing the world how to lead with knowledge and strength.”

According to Albanese, “She has shown that empathy and insight are powerful leadership traits.” “Incredible international leader,” according to Tom Udall, the US ambassador to New Zealand, is Ardern.


1. Who is Jacinda Ardern?

A. She is the Prime Minister of New Zealand

2. What is her Nationality?

A. New Zealand

3. How old is Jacinda Ardern?

A. 42 years old

4. What happened to Jacinda Ardern?

A. She resigned from the post

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