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Jack DuCoeur: Is He The Murderer Of His Ex Girlfriend And Idaho Students?

Jack DuCoeur
Image credit- fox News

The University of Idaho student’s ex-boyfriend claims he “lost the love of his life” when the student was killed. Admits Aunt. Let’s examine Jack DuCoeur in more depth and determine if he killed the Idaho youngsters.

Who Is Jack DuCoeur?

Kaylee Goncalves, 21, and Jack DuCoeur, 22. Kaylee Goncalves and Jack DuCoeur were romantically involved before she was killed at the University of Idaho. Both University of Idaho students Goncalves and victim Madison Mogen called DuCoeur a total of ten times before to the killings.

Kaylee And DuCoeur Parted Ways

Kaylee broke up with DuCoeur three weeks before the murders. Miller says the split was cordial even though she acknowledges that her nephew was angry about it.

DuCoeur Laments The Death Of Kaylee

We all know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there’s no way that Jack would ever do anything like that to anyone, Miller said of online accusations that her nephew was accountable for the killings. DeCoeur, according to her, is finding it difficult to consider returning to school. She claimed Kaylee had a big part in his life in Moscow and he finds it hard to think of going back.

What Was The Police’s Statement?

Jack DuCoeur

Image credit- Mirror

In a statement, Moscow police claimed they were aware of numerous phone calls made by the victim Madison and Kaylee to a guy. In light of this knowledge, the investigation goes on.

“We are supporting him and we know in our hearts and minds and souls and the depths of our souls, Jack is mourning,” Kaylee’s mother said in a statement to Fox. “Eventually, Jack and Kaylee would have wed. They would have eventually married and given birth to children. She was quite close to DuCoeur, according to old pictures on Facebook, despite the fact that she had friends on her Instagram page. They participated in sports, went boating, and other activities.

Has He Killed Any Idaho Students?

Due in large part to the ten calls that Goncalves and Madison Mogen placed to DuCoeur in the days leading up to the killings, police became aware of him shortly after the crimes.

The police chief stated, “Everything that we have collected from those calls, we have followed up on, we have cleared, and we believe there is no connection there,” in response to the question of whether Jack DuCoeur had been cleared of the killings on November 20, 2022.

The former roommates and the private driver who transported them home were among the individuals the chief earlier in the news conference named as having been cleared, however DuCoeur was left off the list.


1. Who is Jack DuCoeur?

A. He is a student and ex boyfriend of Kaylee Goncalves.

2. Who was Jack DuCoeur?

A. A Student and Ex-girfriend of Jack DuCoeur

3. How old was Kaylee Goncalves?

A. 21 years old

4. How old is Jack DuCoeur?

A. 22 years old

5. What happened to Kaylee Goncalves?

A. She was murdered by one of his friends.

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