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Jenna Sutherland, a Pennsylvanian woman, passes away in a car accident

Jenna Sutherland, a Pennsylvanian woman, passes away in a car accident
Jenna Sutherland, a Pennsylvanian woman, passes away in a car accident

Jenna lost her life in a fatal car crash that happened yesterday. It was a sad day yesterday for the Sutherland family when they got a call about their daughter’s accident. Jenna Sutherland was involved in a very gruesome accident that killed her. The internet has been searching more regarding Jenna Sutherland ever since the accident occurred and she has been prayed for more and more ever since people found out about this tragedy.

Who was Jenna Sutherland?

Jenna Sutherland was a kind woman who was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Jenna was involved in an accident recently where she sustained heavy injuries and passed away shortly after. It is a sad news that has taken the internet by storm and has made many people mourn the loss of Jenna. It is still not confirmed whether she passed away in the hospital or at the site of the accident as of yet. 

What about Jenna’s family?

Jenna was loved by her family and this incident has had a very traumatic effect on her family with them losing their daughter. Many people, including her family members, have taken up social media to express their grief and love for Jenna. Jenna’s father, Patty Farraday Sutherland, wrote, I am broken yet again!! My sweet wonderful baby Jenna is gone.” Another family member took to Facebook to write, “Such a sad day. Please keep the Sutherland family in your thoughts and prayers for the loss of sweet Jenna. She was such a bright shining light and a beautiful soul. All of our love to every single one of you.” It indeed is a sad day for the Sutherland family but the support they got from the world has helped them get through this day. Her online accounts are filled with pictures of her with many people who have taken on the platforms to express their grief and paid their condolances. 

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