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Jerry Cassaday’s death becomes a deep mystery after his body found dead in his apartment in Odessa

Jerry Cassaday
Jerry Cassaday

Suddenly, the shocking news of the death of Jerry Cassaday creates a long mystery in the minds of all the people. It is estimated to have planned the murder of Jerry Cassaday in Odessa, Missouri. After a thorough investigation in finding documents and evidence in Jerry’s apartment only gives a clear indication of similarity in linking his murder and murder of Bruce Miller, which happened in 1999, which is only a few months before Jerry’s death in 2000.

Who was Jerry Cassaday? What was his relationship with Bruce’s wife?

Jerry Cassaday was one of the big and well-known personalities. He was a former American police and also a murderer. Jerry was also like a pit boss who served at a casino in Reno, Nevada. Jerry Cassaday and Sharee Miller combined a planned murder strategy to kill Miller’s husband. Sharee Miller was his lover. Jerry was declared a victim of game planning of murder, and after some months, he was also found mysterious dead. Miller, his lover, was imprisoned in jail for a lifetime. After ABC reached out to her, she shared everything and confessed to murdering on TV.

What was the real cause of Jerry Cassaday’s death?

After some months when Bruce Miller was murdered in 1999, Jerry was also murdered. But now, many investigations are going on to find the exact cause of his real death. After a long investigation, police get to know about Bruce’s wife Sharee, and Jerry was dating for a long time. There was a lot of evidence available with the police, which confirms Jerry and Sharee’s relationship.

Sharee shared all the personal information with Jerry that her last two pregnancies with Bruce were not conceived even after getting pregnant because Bruce was abusive and was the only reason she hadn’t gotten a baby. That’s why Sharee and Jerry, because of Bruce’s abusive nature, murdered him together. But unfortunately, after murdering Bruce, their relationship hasn’t worked, and Sharee starts to date another guy. But Jerry was in lots of trouble after Sharee left him. He was addicted to alcohol. On February 11, 2000, shockingly, he was found dead in his apartment in Odessa.

What was found in Jerry’s suitcase by his brother?

In the suitcase found by Jerry’s brother, there were lots of printed letters containing conversation messages with his lover Sharee. He says he was lied to many times by Sharee even though she hid her marital status to me and came into a relationship with me and all.

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