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Jerry Jarrett Died At 80. What was Jerry Jarrett cause of death?

Jerry Jarrett
Source: Sportsgrail

Former professional wrestler and referee Jerry Jarrett. He lost his fight with cancer on February 14, 2023.

Who was Jerry Jarrett?

At age 14, Jerry Jarrett began advertising and marketing professional wrestling events, among other things. He initially set out to hire a warehouse and install wrestling rings there.

Before every game, he would also stock the concession stand. Jerry worked as a buying agent at the Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company before he began his professional wrestling career.

As a young wrestler, Jerry was mentored by his pal Tojo Yamamoto and a seasoned pro named Sailor Moran. Jerry competed in his first wrestling match at Hyati, Missouri, in 1965.

A few years after making his debut, Jerry became a part of NWA Mid-America.

Formed by Jarrett in 1977, the Continental Wrestling Association promotes the sport of wrestling across the continent. In July of 1980, Jerry and Tojo Yamamoto won the first-ever CWA World Tag Team Title.

However, the next month, they were defeated by Austin Idol and Dutch Mantell. In 1985, Jerry briefly hid his identity under the disguise of The Hawaiian Flash and competed in professional wrestling.

He left wrestling for good in 1988 but returned to compete for the USWA in the ’90s.

Jerry and his mom launched a professional wrestling promotion for Gulas in the Memphis region in the ’70s. At a while, he was a promoter.

At some point in the early 2000s, he stopped actively marketing his work. Thereafter, he became a consultant for World Championship Wrestling.

Jarrett, Jerry cause of death

Former wrestler Dutch Mantell broke the sad news on social media about the death of Jerry Jarrett. Although the statement did not specify how Jerry Jarrett passed away, it was well knowledge that he had esophageal cancer.

Many people believe he lost his battle with cancer after a protracted illness. When Jerry died away, he had reached the age of eighty.

Wrestling promoter Jerry Jarrett cause of death, net worth, age and family - The SportsGrail

Source: Sportsgrail

Jerry Jarrett, a well-known professional wrestling and event promotion figure, has passed away. Everyone is shocked by the news of his demise.

Mark James, a historian of the wrestling industry, argued that Jarrett was responsible for fundamentally altering the industry, and that statement is uncontested.

In an interview, Dave Brown, who hosts Memphis’s Saturday morning wrestling on television, credited Jerry with being an integral part in the development of professional wrestling worldwide.

Wrestling, according to Dave, was modernised by Jerry Jarrett.

Dave Brown went on praising Jerry Jarrett, noting that Jerry was a thorough man who constantly considered the future. Jerry conceived up creative plots, which allowed Memphis wrestling to stand apart.

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