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Jim Breaks Cause of Death and Obituary

Jim Breaks Cause of Death

Jim Breaks Cause of Death – Recently it is being reported that ITV wrestling star Jim Breaks has passed away on 25 December 2023. He was famous as a British wrestling icon. The news of his death has been given by his family, after hearing which everyone is mourning. When and how he died, we have discussed in detail in this article.

Who was Jim Breaks? 

Jim Breaks was a famous British wrestling icon. He was born in Bradford. He spent 30 years of his life earning name and success in British wrestling. He also got the nickname ‘Cry Baby’. He won the British Welterweight Championship eight times and the British Lightweight Championship nine times, due to which he became famous in British wrestling and became known as the British Wrestling Icon. He became very popular because of ITV’s World of Sport as millions of people used to come to watch his matches.

In 2017, a lawsuit was also filed against him and a demand was made for 15 years in jail because he was accused of causing the death of his ex-girlfriend Donna Cowley by punching her and breaking a cup on her head. Jim Breaks was held responsible for his death.

Jim Breaks

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How did Jim Breaks Die?

According to the Latest news and it is being told by his family that Jim Breaks has died at the age of 88. It is being said that on Christmas Day he said goodbye to all of us and this world. His death has not been disclosed yet but it is being said that he was suffering from old age dementia. After his death, Jim Breaks’ granddaughter Jo Jo paid emotional tribute to him and said in the post that

“My family and friends are going through a difficult time as we tragically lost my grandfather Christmas Day.

“I appreciate all your lovely comments and love reading them.”

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