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Former Lumberjacks Football Coach Jim Mckeon Dies

Jim Mckeon
Source: Lakeland

Bemidji Lumberjacks’ legendary head coach Jim McKeon has passed away. Let’s take a closer look at what happened and why Jim McKeon died. Former Lumberjacks head football coach Jim McKeon has passed away. On February 9, 2023, it was confirmed that he had passed away, and the news caused much sadness. Jim’s reputation as a caring person, loving father, and dedicated spouse preceded him. The suddenness of his passing has been difficult for many of his friends to accept.

Jim McKeon’s Untimely Passing

The passing of Jim McKeon is something we have to break to you. People have stated that Jim McKeon has a really lovely personality. In light of the recent events, many people are likely wondering what killed Jim McKeon. It has been reported that Jim McKeon was the victim of a tragic accident. It has not yet been determined what killed Jim McKeon. As soon as we learn more, we’ll post an update. Jim was widely regarded as one of history’s most charitable citizens. Many people were inspired by Jim’s deeds and way of life. Coach McKeon was a hero to his players and family and was much respected in the Bemidji sports community. He was a regular at pregame pep rallies, when he encouraged the players as they ran out onto the field. He placed a premium on family time and spoke highly of them often. In addition, he was in good physical condition. One of his closest friends noted that he prioritised his family in a recent post where they all lamented his death.

Long-Time BHS Assistant Football Coach Jim McKeon Dies Unexpectedly

Source: Lakeland

Jim has spent a considerable portion of his life serving others as the co-chairman of the Paul Bunyan Chapter. The longtime BHS coach was honoured at the 2022 Minnesota Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame banquet with the Butch Nash award. Assistant football coaches from around the state are recognised for their outstanding contributions to their school’s football team and for exemplifying “the peak of the perfect assistant coach.” During the occasion, McKeon was honoured and labelled “the godfather of Bemidji football.” For twenty years, he has inspired students at Bemidji High School. His dedication to his team, selflessness in the face of adversity, and enthusiasm for our sport have all endured. Jim will be most cherished for the roles he played as a devoted son, loving husband to Hayley, and devoted father to Ruby, Gianna, and Rocco.


His students fondly referred to him as “coach.” One of the coach’s most recognisable traits was his penchant for donning shorts year-round, barring extremes of heat and cold. As a result of his widespread admiration and respect, his death will be met with widespread sorrow. The funeral and obituary for Jim McKeon will be announced by his family.  

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