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JJ Da Boss and His Wife Have Recently Been Involved in a Serious Car Accident.

JJ Da Boss and His Wife Have Recently Been Involved in a Serious Car Accident.
JJ Da Boss and His Wife Have Recently Been Involved in a Serious Car Accident.

Many people enjoy the Discovery Channel television show Street Outlaws. Therefore many will be disturbed to discover that it will be discontinued. JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia Day were injured in a car accident in La Villa, Texas while filming an episode. They were drag racing each other in their Chevy Novas, according to sources, when the collision occurred. 

Day’s injuries were severe enough that she was brought to a nearby hospital for treatment. That being said, JJ and his wife, Tricia Day, apparently just experienced a terrifying situation: a dangerous vehicle collision. So, what do we know about what happened to the racing phenom, and how is he doing now? Continue reading to learn about all of the known details.

Both are said to be injured:

As they raced down the dragstrip, the two automobiles collided. Day’s auto collided with a production van. When vehicles are accelerating and already traveling at incredible speeds, a minor error can cause everything to go sideways in the blink of an eye., an Instagram account, also shared photographs of the wreck. On January 15, JJ Da Boss posted a live video to his Facebook page showing his staff hard at work repairing the damage to his car. He released a video of himself and his wife in the hospital on the same day. He appeared to be in a good attitude, joking about the situation, so his spirit seems to have survived unscathed. From her hospital bed, Tricia smiled. JJ and Tricia have not yet spoken publicly about what happened. However, both are still being treated in the hospital as of writing. A fan’s video detailing what transpired has stirred considerable discussion among fans on YouTube.

Safeguarding Devices:

This serves as a warning that no matter how skilled you are with cars, pushing the envelope behind the wheel increases the likelihood of an accident. Using the correct safety equipment, receiving sufficient training, and racing on a closed course all assist in reducing risk and, hopefully, result in a better outcome. Still, there is no way to be perfectly safe. “JJ caught fire, crossed center, smacked Tricia, and rolled,” they wrote. 

Tricia was escorted into three minivan rental cars guarding light towers and video equipment. They are both in stable condition in the hospital as of 7:00 p.m. Texas time. At this moment, I am uncertain of the degree of the injuries.” JJ has been wounded behind the wheel several times before. According to a Dragzine post from 2017, JJ fell asleep at the wheel while traveling to Arkansas and collided with a concrete culvert at 55 miles per hour on the highway. He suffered a broken right hand, rib injuries, and some scratches and bruises but escaped the accident relatively undamaged.

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