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Joanna hayes location. Meet the American monster who killed her ex-daughter-in-law.

Joanna hayes location. Meet the American monster who killed her ex-daughter-in-law.

The cruel murder of Heather Strube by her ex-mother-in-law Joanna hayes will soon be shown on ID’s American monster.

the show has some exclusive never seen before footage and discussion with close friends of the victim and suspect.

Where is Joanna Hayes now?

 she is 56 years old, she did not like her daughter-in-law. she also worked with her daughter-in-law and delivered flowers for her.

her son and daughter-in-law were fighting for custody of her grandson. she had this idea that her daughter-in-law was not a good mother and she should not raise any children. however, this did not end well for Heather Strube her granddaughter.

she killed her daughter-in-law when she was putting a seatbelt around her 18-month-old son. she wore a wig and faked a mustache and used a .38 caliber gun to shoot her point blank range.

Their son Carson was spending time with his father and he came to drop him off at target parking but her mother-in-law had a different target that day. Steven left the place and soon after her the mother-in-law came from behind and killed her immediately.

her son also confirmed that due to safety reasons his mother kept a .38 caliber gun. she had a long distance from work to home so she has kept it all her life.

Joanna cosplayed as a man to get away from this murder.

Joanna hayes location. Meet the American monster who killed her ex-daughter-in-law.

Joanna was sent to jail for life After being found guilty of malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm.

 A judge has restricted her visit to heather family in case she gets out of parole. her husband is very successful and was once jailed for a probation violation. he is currently the vice president of Elite Awnings Inc.

She can apply for parole after serving 30 years in jail. she challenged the verdict but the court dismissed her plea.

ID American monster:

it is a show where the cruelest crimes are narrated and shown after acquiring the most interesting footage and interviews.

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