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Jordan Mooney aka Pamela Rooke dead: Queen of Punk Pamela Rooke passed at just 66

Jordan Mooney aka Pamela Rooke dead
Jordan Mooney aka Pamela Rooke dead

According to her bereaved family, Jordan Mooney, the 66-year-old punk rock queen, has died. Jordan, born Pamela Rooke, was most recognised for her work with the $ex Pistols and as a Vivienne Westwood model. As tributes poured in, her family issued a statement stating she would be greatly missed. They confirmed that she died following a brief battle with cancer. “Jordan (Pamela Rooke) has left her mark on the world, whether as ‘The Queen of Punk’ or for her veterinary work and innumerable prize-winning cats,” they stated.

It was the early 1970s, and Jordan was one of the founding members of the nascent punk rock style tribe and, for many, the most influential. From its inception in 1974 to her death in the early 1980s, she was at the epicentre of the music and fashion revolutions. Her bleached white hair, bushy black raccoon eye makeup, and costumes adorned with chains, studs, and rubber were classic design shocks.

$ex Pistols – The rock band

She never made eye contact with anyone in her entire life; I just went my own sweet way,” Jordan, 63, laughs as he recalls those travels. “Although I do quarrel from time to time, especially with ladies who have children.” ‘Can you go?’ they ask. “You appear disgusting and have irritated my children.” “I’ll sit here first,” I’d remark. I lately ran into an old friend who informed me her father worked on the train. “That madman got on the train again today,” he commented when he got home. While the $ex Pistols laud Britain’s anarchy, Jordan’s objective was not to destroy the government but to transform the “grey, beige, and taupe time” when the IRA periodically bombed London. It was a three-day week and an oil-crisis age. “Everyone’s had enough, there’s garbage all over the streets, and there’s a strike; it’s extremely horrible,” she explained.

She worked at $ex, the rubber-filled King’s Road clothes store created by anarchist designers Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren. She swiftly rose to prominence as a punk star noted for her unconventional style and attention to looks. “People who don’t want to be submissive are drawn to this area,” Jordan remarked, mentioning future $ex Pistols John Layden, alias Johnny Rotten, and John Beverley, who eventually became Sid Vicious.

Everyone was left Heartbroken:

Jordan (Pamela Rooke) has left her stamp on this earth, whether it is as ‘The Queen of Punk’ or for her veterinary work and innumerable prize-winning cats,” her bereaved family said. She lived life to the fullest and remained genuine to herself and others throughout her life. “She was completely trusted and respected by everyone who knew her.”

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