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Joseph Kromelis Cause Of Death For Chicago’s Walking Man, Joseph Kromelis

Joseph Kromelis
Image credit- The digital research library

According to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, 75-year-old Joseph Kromelis died on December 11, 2022. After being set on fire while dozing off on Lower Wabash Avenue several months prior, the Chicago “Walking Man” passed away on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, Joseph Kromelis, age 75, passed away. On the evening of May 25, Kromelis, a homeless man who frequently slept on the streets of the Loop, was huddling beneath a blanket in the 400 block of North Lower Wabash Avenue.

In a May court hearing, the prosecution claimed that surveillance cameras captured Joseph Guardia, 27, climbing up and silently hovering over him for 16 seconds.

Joseph Kromelis Cause Of Death

According to the tape, Guardia can be seen wandering to a nearby intersection, then coming back to ignite Kromelis’ exposed head with gasoline. The fire incident’s injuries were Joseph Kromelis’ cause of death.

For the first three minutes when the 75-year-old was on fire, physicians first thought he wouldn’t make it. His upper body was entirely engulfed in flames, and almost 65% of his body had third-degree burns.

Four months after being treated at Stroger Hospital, Kromelis was released and resumed his recovery in a rehabilitation centre, requiring more treatments.

Nearly seven months after being set on fire while sleeping close to Trump Tower, Joseph Kromelis, popularly known as Chicago’s “Walking Man,” passed away on Sunday afternoon.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office reports that Kromelis passed away at a care facility in the 2400 block of West Touhy at 4:08 p.m. An autopsy will be carried out on Monday. The infamous “Walking Man” of downtown Chicago, Joseph Kromelis, was sleeping on the sidewalk when he started a fire.

Image credit- Chicago times

Why Was Kromelis Sacked By The Suspect?

Guardia only offered the explanation that he was “angry and declared he wanted to burn trash, but did not understand there was a person there” when he made his case.

Before security workers put out the flames, Kromelis had been on fire for about three minutes. During a hearing to determine Joseph Guardia’s release on bail, the 27-year-old suspect in the attack, assistant state’s attorney Danny Hanichak made the following statement.

Hanichak, a prosecutor for 16 years, admitted to Kromelis attack video being the worst he had ever seen to judge Charles Beach. Hanichak claims that Guardia doused Kromelis’ head in a substance that he believed to be gasoline before setting it ablaze.

About three minutes after the fire began, security personnel at Trump Tower discovered it and doused it. They made an effort to comfort Kromelis while they awaited the arrival of emergency personnel.


1. Who was Joseph Kromelis?

A. A homeless man who was also named as “a walking man”.

2. How did Kromelis die?

A. Due to fire burn.

3. What was his Nationality?


4. How old was Joseph Kromelis?

A. 75 years old

5. Cause of death of Joseph Kromelis?

A. Gasoline exposure

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