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Julia Fox’s Brother Christopher Fox Arrested

Julia Fox

“Uncut Gems” actress-model Julia Fox’s Brother Christopher Fox has been arrested for several narcotics and weapons charges. Christopher Fox, the 30-year-old was arrested after the New York Police Department raided a residence which was followed by a search warrant for an investigation undertaken by the NYPD in the matter of ghost guns and narcotics. New York Police Department confirmed this in a press release. Christopher Fox is a resident of the Upper Manhattan apartment, East 84th Street near Third Avenue.

Christopher Fox and Julia Fox

Source:- New York Post

The New York Police Department (NYPD) released its statement that the NYPD Ghost Gun Team has seized several pieces of equipment for pressing narcotic pills and ghost gun parts. The Team has also seized materials that are required to manufacture explosives and other deadly weapons and these components can also be used for manufacturing narcotic drugs and substances. The NYPD further cleared that there is no connection between Fox with terrorism and investigation is still underway. Charges have been framed.

Julia Fox and Christopher Fox

Source:- Google

Christopher was taken into police custody under a total of seven charges which include criminal possession of weapons, criminal use of drug paraphernalia, criminal possession of a controlled substance, manufacture of a dangerous instrument, criminal possession of firearms, manufacture of a machine gun, and manufacture of a rapid fire mod device.

Sources have claimed that along with Christopher Fox, his father was also taken into custody but he was soon released as there were no concrete charges against him. Till now Julia Fox hasn’t issued any statement or comment regarding her brother’s arrest.

Along with Christopher Fox, two other delinquents have been arrested for having criminal nexus of similar charges. Their identity is not revealed by the Police Department as there is no concrete proof against them.

The Neighbours is horrified and scared after this incident and are also glad and thankful to the Ghost Gun Team to have nabbed the criminals at the early stage.

The NYPD further added to its statement that it is a battle against the proliferation of ghost guns and illegal weapons which the department would soon combat and till then it would relentlessly fight against it. Ghost Guns are untraceable but are fully operational firearms hence being a big task. Ghost Guns are built from kits and hence do not have any serial numbers and are sold without any bills and checks. This is the reason why these guns can be easily acquired and problematic for the NYPD as it is untraceable.

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