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Justice League star Ezra miller was accused of burglary and arrested in a serious case

Justice League star Ezra miller was accused of burglary and arrested in a serious case

Flash is about to have its own movie with two Batmen and two versions of flash. but the movie seems to be jeopardized by the arrest of Ezra Miller.

Another reason that things are changing is that the warner brothers have canceled batgirl movies. there is inconsistency and there are some rumors spreading that movie might not get released but internal sources suggest that the movie release will not be canceled. these incidents might hurt the image of the star and publicity of the movie might be in trouble.

Ezra miller going through a series of incidents that are almost criminal if proven in court. he is accused of abuse, harassment, and now burglary. He has been appearing in the DC world since 2016 and he has worked in many DC movies there is the possibility that DC might fire him after so many negative incidents that can dent Ezra miller’s image as well as almost dying DC image.

DC has already maintained a distance from Ezra’s life and rumors suggest that his career with DC is also over. this arrest has changed a lot for Ezra and he might never recover from it and may have to spend years in jail.

Ezra Miller is accused of wine bottle stealing:

Ezra Miller is accused of Felony burglary in Vermont, his next movie Flash might be damaged due to this incident. the charge is although of stealing a wine bottle from a house. this seems like such a harmless and silly act but the world is too cruel and he will have to lose his career over the such small stuff.

He might be having a fun night and want to do something mischievous and he has to pay the price for it. the charge looks really heavy and such things are not tolerated anymore. people are jealous of his success and these incidents give them more power to destroy his life.

Justice League star Ezra miller was accused of burglary and arrested in a serious case

the charges are framed  “after collecting statements and looking at surveillance videos, police charged Miller with felony burglary into an unoccupied dwelling.”

The Ezra Miller madness continues:

There has been a rumor of Ezra Miller moving around with a gun and bulletproof west just weeks ago. there have many moves that caught the attention of the people in the past few months. everything around his life is going downhill and so many hot and negative incidents might lose him his favorite frenchise.

The Flash will be a continuation of the justice league and take the franchise in a new direction. It seems Dc world is also about to die with nothing going in their favor.

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