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AFL superstar Shane Crawford’s brother Justin Crawford has died, and Shane is devastated

Justin Crawford

Shane’s younger brother Justin lost the world at the very young age of 45.

Shane Crawford can’t believe he lost his younger brother. it is a difficult time for him and the entire Crawford family. It is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world and losing a younger brother is a stabbing to the soul.

Justin was also a footballer who played for  Sydney Swans and Hawthorn. Justin talked to the newspaper and said the entire family is in pain.

“We are all grieving,” Shane Crawford added

“We are so sad. He was a much-loved brother and son.”

Justin was an important player for the swans for which he played for 4 seasons and had a total of 46 games to his name. for the hawks his goal tally was 32 goals.

Justin Crawford was nominated for Rising star:

Justin was one of the promising football stars. he even won the Rising star nomination after a 26 disposal. he was given the opportunity to play for 10 games.

In the second season, he could not impress much and was given chance in only 7 matches, later he started playing with Shane’s team Hawthorn

Shane and Justin played for the junior team and soon they started playing for bigger club-level teams. both the players were selected by different teams depending on their caliber. it was only in the AFL both brothers were reunited and given a chance to play together.

Justin and Crawford played together after an offer grom Hawthorn:

Justin said Hawthorn offered him to join their team and because his current team did not give him many chances it was easy for him to move the team. soon both the brothers played together for Hawthorn.

It must be really difficult for Shane because playing with a brother helps you bond immensely. We hope Shane finds peace in these testing times. Our heart goes with him.

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