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Karlton Noah 5-year-old boy died in a tragic dinosaur-shaped helium balloon accident

Karlton Noah 5-year-old boy died

Karlton Noah got a huge balloon from the annual traveling funfair. he was having fun with it and he was trying to climb on it.

Lisa Donaghey’s 43-year-old mother saw her son lying on the floor and the balloon had covered his head and neck. she immediately went on to social media to share the dangers of helium balloons. prima facie this is stupid, first, save your son.

Karlton was given CPR by neighbors and the medical team arrived with a helicopter to pick them up. He was shifted to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Lisa has 3 more children and they were playing in warm weather. she narrated what she went through.”When I came in he was on the floor with the balloon over his head and his neck,” she said.

Karlton Noah just wanted to be a dinosaur:

“It was a dinosaur balloon which was the same size as him. I think he’s put himself in the balloon to be a dinosaur to go outside and surprise his nieces.

“I pulled the balloon off him and I screamed. I think I carried him to the patio door. As a mother, I knew he was gone, he was unresponsive. He had his eyes wide open and he was pale.”

Karlton was gifted the big size balloon by his parents.

“He had been really well behaved and he hadn’t asked for anything, he was never ungrateful. He was really well-mannered so he got a treat.

“He loved dinosaurs – ‘dinosaur roar’ was probably one of his first words. He had lots of dinosaur and dragon books and lots of dinosaur toys.”

His neighbors performed CPR while the mother left her balance.

“I just collapsed outside on the grass,” said Lisa.

“I must have screamed and screamed and screamed. I couldn’t bear to come back in. My little boy was getting worked on. I was numb with fear and terror.

“Amiee took over from Kaitlin and she didn’t give up. She worked and worked and worked on my boy until the ambulance arrived and they took over. She was just fantastic and I’m so grateful. It took four minutes for the ambulance to arrive but it felt like four hours.”

Karlton was taken to the hospital via air route.

She said: “I read to him and I sang to him. I washed his face, his fingers, and his hair. I put Vaseline on his lips and I made sure he was clean. His heart was beating itself and his stats seemed to be showing improvement but he was suffering massive seizures. The last seizures affected him pretty badly. He wouldn’t be able to function, everything was damaged.

“They took the sedation off him and he deteriorated rapidly. I had the beautiful opportunity to lie in bed with him, hum and sing in his ear and cuddle him on my chest until his little heart stopped. My little boy just went to sleep and he looked so beautiful.

Karlton Noah 5-year-old boy died

“I knew as a mother I wasn’t going to bring him home. I’m just grateful to have had the six days with him.”

His mother said Helium is dangerous:

She said: “It’s toxic that can take a life in seconds. It’s very dangerous. It’s taken my son’s life, he was just wanting to playfully be a dinosaur. It can take a child’s life and it can take an adult’s life.

“I want parents, grandparents, childminders, adults, students, anyone that has come into contact with helium to be cautious about the ways they use it and dispose of it. A precious five-year-old has been taken too soon and I would never ever put this pain on anybody.”

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