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Kason Thomas Found Safe, The Missing Twin, Has Been Found Safe In Indianapolis

Kason Thomas
Image credit- New York Post

The exact vehicle that Kason Thomas and his twin Ky’air were in when it was stolen from Columbus on Monday night has been located safe and sound in Indianapolis, the Columbus Police Division informed News Center 7.

This information was released a short while after Nalah Jackson, who is suspected of abducting the 5-month-old twins, was found in Indianapolis.

Officers Found Kason Thomas

According to Columbus police Sgt. Jeff Mooney in an email to News Center 7, officers from the Indianapolis Metro Police Department were directed to the 900 block of Indiana Avenue, outside a Papa Johns, by a tip. The sergeant stated, “Kason was located safe in the stolen Honda,” adding that the kid had been transferred to an Indianapolis hospital as a precaution.

In a statement Thursday night, Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant said, “We are appreciative to the public for their assistance throughout this investigation, as well as for the arduous work of our officers and our numerous partner agencies. They kept going and never gave up; they would not stop until Kason was located. We are incredibly appreciative of their unwavering commitment.

What Happened To Kason Thomas?

Kason Thomas, the younger of the 5-month-old twins Kason and Ky’air Thomas, got missing, according to Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant, who announced Nalah Jackson’s arrest at 6:15 p.m.

Including the whereabouts of the Honda Accord missing its front bumper and if the infant was dropped off, Chief Bryant said Columbus police had no more information about the manhunt.

Kason Thomas

Image credit- New York Post

The discovery of the suspect, she said, “brings us one step closer to finding Kason.” However, we won’t give up looking for him until he is returned safely.

She stated that it is quite alarming that the twin is still missing, but Columbus police had little information prior to the news conference.

Chief Bryant expressed his frustration, stating that police were unaware of any additional information regarding Jackson’s route to Indianapolis. She pleaded with anyone who thought they might know something about Kason or Jackson to contact the authorities.

Despite the lack of information her division had shortly prior to the news conference, Chief Bryant made an effort to respond to queries from reporters.

About Jackson

She said Columbus police were unaware of Jackson’s transporting the missing twin to Indianapolis, whether she assisted in the abduction, or whether she was detained at a drug house by law enforcement.

Chief Bryant stated, “We have not personally seen Jackson,” adding that police are attempting to determine whether Jackson had assistance or had any connections to the state’s capital city.

She stated, “From what I gather, she was arrested on the street.”

Nalah Jackson, a 24-year-old woman with connections to Riverside, has been named as the suspect in the auto theft and kidnapping. Jackson has brown eyes and hair, is 130 pounds, and is 5 feet 7 inches tall.


1. Who is Kason Thomas ?

A. He is a 5 months old boy from North Columbus

2. Who is Nalah Jackson?

A. She is the 24 year old kidnapper

3. What is her Nationality?


4. How old is Kason Thomas ?

A. 5 months old

5. What Kason Thomas do?

A. He went missing

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