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Katherine Goldstein was shot in front of her daughter in highland park victim

Katherine Goldstein was shot in front of her daughter in highland park victim

Cassie Goldstein went to the 4th July parade with her mother and the random shooter appeared and shot her 64-year-old mother Kathrine for no reason.

“I was standing there with my mom, and I heard what I thought were firecrackers firing into the street across from me. And then I looked up and I saw the shooter shooting down at the kids,” 

Cassie told a news reporter during an interview. “And I told her that it was a shooter and that she had to run.”

they were both running together when the deadly attack took place her mother was shot in the chest and she had to see her mother dying. what a terrible and hateful attack by a young white terrorist.

“I knew she was dead,” 

 “I just told her that I loved her, but I couldn’t stop, because he was still shooting everyone next to me.”

Shooter Crimo shot 70 rounds at Katherine Goldstein:

The daughter wanted to survive and she had to leave her dead mother behind. Gunman Robert “Bobby” sprayed at least 70 rounds.

“I just kept running, and I hid behind a trash can,” Cassie said.

Bobby has been arrested he killed 7 people and dozens are severely injured. Crimo will not be hanged for his crime, if charges are proven he will only be given a life in prison which is weird, if he is young enough to kill so many people, he should be sentenced as an adult.

Katherine Goldstein was going through a personal pain:

Kathrine’s mother had lost her mother some time ago and she has not received it fully . she came to July 4 parade to spend some time and move on with life.

Katherine Goldstein was shot in front of her daughter in highland park victim

The mother and daughter duo enjoyed their watching a movie and eating delicious treats and visiting the garden just a day earlier.

“She was just a good mom. And I got 22 years with her. And I got to have 22 years with the best mom in the world,” Cassie was teary-eyed

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