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Kathy Boudin Cause of Death, Passed Away, Obituary, Husband

Kathy Boudin Cause of Death, Passed Away, Obituary, Husband

When we look at the title, a question occurs: Why is Kathy Boudin known as a model prisoner? What has been done by her in the past, and why did this awkward name get to Kathy Boudin? So let’s discuss Kathy Boudin and her death. 

Who was Kathy Boudin? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

Kathy Boudin was a model prisoner who spent most of her time in prison, and then she took a long sleep forever due to her prolonged disease. In 1981, Kathy Boudin was caught for felony murder, who played a role in Brink’s armored truck robbery. And in the case of robbery, where Kathy Boudin and the members of her group locked up with the black liberation army to kill the truck’s security guard and stole all their loose cash. 

After stealing that money, Kathy Boudin and her group members made $1.6 million. When the robbery was going on, the gunmen shot out the Brink’s security guard named Peter Page before transferring the whole money in a U-Haul truck, where Kathy Boudin sat in the cabin, and at that time, she was just 38 years old. But unfortunately, that truck was stopped by police officers near the roadblock in which Kathy Boudin was unarmed, and on that spot, quickly she surrendered. 

And the shooters who were sitting at the backside of the truck jumped outside and started firing on the police officers and murdered two police officers whose name was Sgt. Edwards O’Grady, and the other officer was Waverly Brown. 

Kathy Boudin

About the past life of Kathy Boudin:

In 1984, during the death of Brink’s security guard, Peter Paige, Kathy Boudin, claimed guilty for her first-degree robbery, and her second-degree was Paige’s murder. Before the discharge of Kathy Boudin, she had already spent 22 years of her life in prison. She was released in 2003 because of her good and kind Nature and behavior. After completing their period in jail, In 2008, Kathy Boudin was appointed as an adjunct professor at Columbia School, working for social work. And In 2013, Kathy Boudin was appointed as a full-time professor, and she took lectures on the issues regarding the people who were released after prison and shared how they face convicts and their families. 

Kathy Boudin was also a son’s mother named San Francisco, who completed his qualification successfully from the New York Government. Unfortunately, due to the sufferer of her prolonged disease being cancer, Kathy Boudin left this world at the age of 78, on the 1st May of 2022 in New York.

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