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Kathy Whitworth Dead: The American Golfer Of All The Time Died At The Age Of 83

Kathy Whitworth
Image credit- sky news

We bid Kathrynne Ann Whitworth, a professional golfer from the United States, farewell with a heavy heart. On Saturday, December 24, 2022, one of golf’s greatest champions passed away. For all who have followed in her footsteps, Kathy Whitworth is an inspiration. She was a pioneer in the sport.

Who Was Kathy Whitworth?

In 1958, when the Ladies Professional Golf Association was still a very fledgling organisation, Kathy Whitworth joined the tour. With 88 event victories over the course of her lengthy career, she went on to become one of the most successful golfers in both men’s and women’s history.

Her Career

She shared the AP Female Athlete of the Year award with Wimbledon champion Billie Jean King in 1965 and 1967 as a result of her extraordinary talent. Due to her numerous accomplishments, she was admitted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1982.

Whitworth also had a strong desire to help individuals in her community. Through golf-related activities, she gave more than $3 million to charities throughout the course of her career. She also launched scholarship funds for promising female golfers who lacked the funding to pursue their goals.

Kathy Whitworth Cause Of Death

Whitworth passed away unexpectedly Saturday night while celebrating with friends and family, according to her agent and friend Bettye Odle, who did not disclose the cause of death. Whitworth, a renowned figure in the golf world, held numerous records throughout her successful career and was the LPGA Tour’s all-time champion with 88 victories.

Kathy Whitworth

Image credit- sky News

She will be remembered for her outstanding achievements as well as for her upbeat disposition that inspired others to give it their all. What actually happened on Saturday night to cause Kathy Whitworth’s untimely death is still a mystery.

Kathy Whitworth Net worth

A professional golfer from the United States named Kathy Whitworth died with an estimated net worth of $200,000. Her great career on the LPGA Tour, where she became the first woman to earn $1 million back in 1981, is largely responsible for how she was able to accumulate this impressive sum.

Kathy Whitworth Obituary

One of the finest golfers, male or female, to ever grace the game will be remembered as Kathy Whitworth. She paved the way for future female golfers by becoming the first with more than 60 event wins and 8 major victories. We will always owe her our affection and best wishes. Kathy Whitworth, may you rest in peace. We will never forget you.


1. Who was Kathy Whitworth?

A. She was a great American Professional Golfer

2. What was the profession of Kathy Whitworth?

A. Golfer

3. What was her Nationality?


4. How old was Kathy Whitworthi?

A. 83 years old

5. How Kathy Whitworth died?

A. Not disclosed yet

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