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Western Michigan University student Kaylee Gansberg, killed in hit-and-run crash; 1 arrested, police say

Kaylee Gansberg

Western Michigan University student Kaylee Gansberg, killed in hit-and-run crash; 1 arrested, police say

Kaylee Gansberg, a 21-year-old Western Michigan University student from Lisle, IL, was terribly murdered in MI hit-and-run crash, police said.

Kayla was a suburban student and one person is arrested for the crime of killing her.

The driver is caught by the police for the crime of DUI.

“She had her whole life ahead of her,” 

 “And it was all taken away by this one incident.” told her father Keith Gansberg

“We were there for her first heartbeat, and we were there for the last,” grieved mother Michele Gansberg.

Parents of the late Kaylee Gansberg and their ordeal:

Her parents reached the hospital immediately after they were informed of the accident

“I just wanted to get in be with my baby,” Michele said “I just laid with her and held my baby.”

Doctors informed the parents the crash had damaged the brain severely

“We only had a few hours with her before we lost her completely,” Keith said.

Gansberg was a fine art major in the honors program at Western Michigan. She was set to graduate and travel the world.

“We were just blown away by the things she kept doing,” her mother said.

“She was her own person. She didn’t need anybody else. She could do anything,” said Alex Gansberg, brother.

“She turned every negative into a positive, no matter where we were,” said friend Ashley Kowalski.

“She was so beautiful. She had the most phenomenal smile. She had such beautiful eyes,” her father said. “I will miss her so badly, and our lives are changed forever. I’ll never be the same without her.”

Kaylee Gansberg was also paid tribute by the district:

The district made a statement “Kaylee was a vibrant part of our school community from elementary through high school. Those who had the privilege of meeting Kaylee know the impact she had on those around her.”

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