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Kevin Keefe and Carrie Keefe, a Strongsville couple, were found dead inside their home

Kevin Keefe and Carrie Keefe, a Strongsville couple, were found dead inside their home
Kevin Keefe and Carrie Keefe, a Strongsville couple, were found dead inside their home

Who was Kevin Keefe? What was Kevin Keefe’s Cause of Death?

Authorities in Strongsville are examining the fatal shootings of a man and a woman early Saturday morning. Around 11:30 a.m., officers got dispatched to a house in the 14000 block of Calderdale Lane in response to a gunshot. Once officers entered the house, they discovered Carrie and Kevin Keefe had been shot. Kevin is said to have died on the site, but Carrie was rushed to the South West Emergency Unit and later pronounced dead. Authorities stated they suspect the event was a murder-suicide, but they didn’t have any additional information.

An individual contacted 911 at 11:30 a.m., claiming that their father had murdered their mom, as per data provided by Strongsville officials. According to notes given during the report, police showed up at a residence in the 14000 block of Calderdale Lane shortly and discovered the father deceased. Kevin and Carrie Keefe have been identified as the victims by authorities. Per a police record, Carrie was unconscious when cops showed up and were transferred to Southwest General Hospital. She died later. Thus according to Strongsville authorities, the incident is being handled as a suspected murder-suicide, but no other information is known as of Sunday.

Citing a homicide case in the neighborhood, the Strongsville City School District is providing assistance to children. Kevin Keefe was the killer, per the computer-assisted dispatch data. Carrie had asked for a divorce from Kevin in the Cuyahoga Crown Court of Common Pleas on Oct. 21, 2021, according to court documents. According to the paperwork, they decided to give up their property and sell it on March 24, and this is where the accident took place. Per the documents, Carrie and Kevin were scheduled to speak over the phone on Thursday.  They have 3 daughters, each of whom goes to the district’s schools. 

Superintendent Dr. Cameron Ryba issued an official statement to families and staff, “Our community suffered a tragic loss yesterday with the deaths of Carrie and Kevin Keefe, in what Strongsville Police are investigating as a murder-suicide. When lives are lost in such a devastating way, the effects can be far-reaching.” Guidance and grief counseling will be accessible at all Strongsville institutions, with special help in the classrooms in which the Keefe children go, per the statement. At Chapman Elementary School, Strongsville Middle School, and Strongsville High School, crisis counselors will be available to all.


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