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Killamarsh Killer Damien Bendall Pleads Guilty To Murdering Family And Raping Minor

Damien Bendall
Damien Bendall; image credits - Daily Express

In 2021, Damien Bendall murdered his four victims at a home in Derbyshire using a claw hammer. He admitted to killing Terri Harris, 35, her daughter Lacey Bennett, 11, son John Bennett, 13, and Lacey’s friend Connie Gent, also 11. In addition, he admitted to raping Lacey.

Damien Bendall

Damien Bendall; image credits – BBC

Damien Bendall Killed 4 Victims

Bendall, 32, pleaded guilty to the counts on Wednesday at Derby Crown Court, where Mr. Justice Sweeney handed down the punishment. He was handed a lifetime order, which means that he won’t ever be let out of prison unless there are very unusual compassionate circumstances. Ms. Harris and the kids were murdered on the evening of September 18, and they were discovered dead at a home in Killamarsh’s Chandos Crescent on September 19.

Damien Bendall Murdered With Claw Hammer

The prosecution’s attorney, Louis Mably KC, informed the court that the defendant assaulted the victims with a claw hammer and struck them in the upper body and over the head. According to forensic evidence, Bendall assaulted & raped Lacey downstairs before actually dragging her upstairs to commit another rape. Along with the brain injuries, he also employed some sort of rope around her neck, which contributed to her death.

Connie, who was visiting Lacey that evening for a stay, was brutally murdered in another bedroom. After the killings, Bendall, who the jury heard was high on cocaine and marijuana, left the house and took John’s game system with him so he could sell it for narcotics. He was detained and sent to the hospital, although the injuries he had caused merely needed stitches.

Damien Bendall Changed His Plea

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) argued that the whole-life tariff was required during the sentencing hearing. Both Bendall and the defense attorney concurred on this. Before changing his pleas, Bendall admitted to multiple charges of manslaughter but disputed charges of murder and rape, thus he was scheduled to go on trial for these offenses.


1. How many people were killed by Damien Bendall?

Ans. 4

2. Damien Bendall Killed the victims with which weapon?

Ans. Claw Hammer

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