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Know who was Zarif Rahman and what was his cause of death

Know who was Zarif Rahman and what was his cause of death

On 15th May 2022, in a car accident, an Adelaide teenager named Zarif Rehman died. As per the information, on Sunday, the victim handed his life after meeting a big car crash accident in the evening. But there is not only Zarif Rehman who was involved in the car accident. Was Zarif’s friend, whose name is Thumith Chandrasena. He was also with Zarif at the time he faced the accident.

Know who was Zarif Rahman-

He was well known to everyone as Zarif Rehman, and one of his friends is mourning the unexpected death of his children. There is a Police who has reported that the victims at Atherstone had suffered multiple crashes. Although it is also known that both of the friends could not survive the severe injuries, they both had passed away in the accident. This incident takes place on a Sunday evening. 

As revealed, the cause of his death in a car accident. 

Zarif Rehman drove the car at the time of the accident, and the car raged into the timber. After that, both of the friends are smashed with many injuries. Although emergency service has arrived at the scene. There was the crew who tried to save the lives of the children, but their efforts could not do anything and could not save their lives. In the end, they lost the children, and the people had informed the authorities. 

Know about the personal information-

At the time of the accident, there was the person Zarif Rehman who was driving the car and there in the driving seat if we say the car he was driving was a colored gray sedan, and the number of the car was S982 BTT as it was not recognized by the people’s that whose car was there. Zarif’s Rahman parents are in shock and heartbroken by his untimely death as he passed away at 17. 


His father’s name was Dr. Towfiqur Rahman, and his mother’s name was Dr. Nasim Sultana. He was a South Australian Bangladeshi. Zarif was following in his parents’ footsteps while studying medical docs. Stay tuned to this page for more information.

Read More- Finally, the body of a lady named Karissa Wilson was found after one month.

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