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Lance Kerwin, Teen Star Of 1970s “James at 16” And “Salem’s Lot,” Passed Away At Age 62

Lance Kerwin
Lance Kerwin; image credits -

Lance Kerwin, an actor who played a vampire hunter in “Salem’s Lot” and James at 15 in the 1970s television drama, passed away on Tuesday. He was 62.

Lance Kerwin

Lance Kerwin; image credits -CNN

Lance Kerwin’s Cause Of Death

News about Lance Kerwin’s passing recently appeared online. It is said that Lance Kerwin’s daughter shared it on Facebook. She conveyed her anguish and grief over her father’s passing. Their family must have felt a void as a result. His daughter stated that Lance Kerwin died at the age of 62. On January 25, 2023, Savanah disclosed that her father had passed away.

Lance Kerwin’s Personal Life

California’s Lake Elsinore is where Kerwin grew up. His dad was an acting teacher, and he brought him plays to read. His mother was a performer as well before becoming a talent agent. The youngest of five brothers, he was young. Shane, his brother, acted in his place. With Kristen Lansdale, Kerwin had a daughter named Savanah Paige; he also has four kids with his wife Yvonne Kerwin. Midway through the 1990s, he stopped performing, but in 2022’s Hawaii-shot picture The Wind & the Reckoning, he made a comeback.

Legal Issues Of Lance Kerwin

According to a story from July 2010, Kerwin was serving as a pastor at Calvary Chapel in Kapaa, Hawaii, and a program director at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility U-Turn for Christ. According to the article, Kerwin and his wife Yvonne admitted to forging documents to receive state-funded medical care in Hawaii after failing to disclose his ownership of three houses on the mainland. Kerwin received a five-year probationary period as well as 300 hours of community service. He made a formal apology.

Lance Kerwin’s Net Worth

Kerwin made several made-for-TV films and programs during the 1970s. His serious acting performances, such as those in The Loneliest Runner, The Boy Who Drank Too Much, and Children of Divorce, frequently featured troubled characters dealing with challenging situations. Lance Kerwin has a $12 million net worth.


1. What is the net worth of Lance Kerwin?

Ans. $12 million

2. What is the age of Lance Kerwin?

Ans. 62 years old

3. Who is the daughter of Lance Kerwin?

Ans. Savanah Paige

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