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LASD K9 Jack Died In A Gardena Shooting That Also Claimed The Life Of A Suspect

K9 Jack
Image credit- ABC NEWS

On Thursday, a K9 Jack from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was shot and died while assisting with a standoff with an armed suspect in Gardena.

“One of our partners passed away today. We announce the passing of our Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) K9 Jack with heavy hearts,” Sheriff Robert Luna wrote on Twitter early on Friday.

In a picture published by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy K9 Jack may be seen.

K9 Jack

Image credit- UK daily news

When a suspect in an attack with a lethal weapon barricaded himself in an apartment in the 1800 block of West 145th Street the previous day, Jack, a member of the sheriff department’s Special Enforcement Bureau, was called to the scene.

After allegedly shooting at someone during a dispute on Wednesday, the unidentified suspect allegedly hid out in the apartment for more than 24 hours before deputies, including Jack, broke down the door at 5:42 p.m. on Thursday. The K9 was hit and killed by the suspect’s gunfire in response, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

What Happened To K9 Jack?

Following the event, Luna wrote on Facebook, “K9 Jack was unfortunately shot and murdered by a violent armed suspect during a tactical operation in Gardena.”

There Didn’t Seem To Be Any Other Deputies Hurt In The Shooting

The news statement states that deputies did find a gun on the site. For the last four years, Jack had been a “devoted member” of the Special Enforcement Bureau.

Luna added, “K9 Jack heroically safeguarded members of the Bureau during several tactical missions and saved numerous lives.” According to reports, Jack is a Belgian Malinois who was brought into the department in 2019 from the Netherlands.


1. Who was K9 Jack?

A. He was the member of sheriff department’s Special Enforcement Bureau

2. Where did he came from?

A. Netherlands

3. How old was K9 Jack?

A. Not known

4. How did K9 Jack died?

A. He was shot by the enemy in a mission

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