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Launch of chapter 84 of one of the most loved manga, Dragon ball.

The most awaited Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 is finally on its way to being released this month. Here are more details about chapter 84.

What is Dragon ball manga about? 

Akira Toriyama is a Japanese writer who has written and illustrated the Dragon ball manga series. Initially, the focus was to make it a comedy-packed manga, but later on, they added more action-packed scenes. 

The story is about two friends, Son Goku and Bulma, traveling to find the seven dragon balls. Goku is the main lead, and he makes many friends along his journey. Children across Japan enjoy this manga. Over 160 million copies of its comic got sold in Japan and over 260 million worldwide. It comes 3rd in the list of most sold manga series. 


When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 be released?

The sequel to Dragon ball is called the Dragon Ball Super. Chapter 83 has already been released, and fans are excited for chapter 84. The original Japanese version of the new chapter will come out on 18th May 2022. 

Right after two days, I.e., on 20th May, its English version will be released specially for the international audience. Dragon ball chapter 84 will showcase the fight between Goku and Gas. In this chapter, Goku may have a fusion of ultra instinct and ultra ego. 

You can read this manga on Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and manga plus. In this chapter, Goku will be seen defeating Gas and learning his father’s history. You can watch this manga for free on various platforms. 

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