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Laura Woods claims that she is “too career-oriented for a romance”

Laura Woods claims that she is "too career-oriented for a romance"
Source: RSVP

In the United Kingdom, Laura Woods is a household name as a prominent sports broadcaster. In March of 2020, she will take the reins as the lead host of Sports Morning on talkSPORT. Football fans like Laura because of her reporting on the English Premier League.

Career of Laura Woods

Profession She got her degree in print journalism from Kingston University. In 2009, when Woods completed her undergraduate studies, she began working as a runner for Sky Sports. She started out as an editing assistant and worked her way up through the ranks to become an assistant producer, associate producer, and finally a producer.

For Sky Sports’ YouTube darts coverage, Laura Woods got her start as a broadcaster by doing interviews behind the scenes. After that, Woods started working on the Saturday morning kids show Game Changers. She covered the NFL for the Soccer AM online presenting team and reported live from France during the Euro 2016 tournament. Woods was working with Gary Neville as a Super Sunday pitch-side reporter by 2018.

Laura Woods claims that she is "too career-oriented for a romance"

Source: Dailymail

Laura Woods reveals about her relationship

Like Anthony Joshua, Laura Woods admitted that she is too career-oriented to have a personal life. When Joshua beat Jermaine Franklin by unanimous decision, Woods spoke with him for iFL TV. During their Saturday post-game conversation, they got a little heated with some short flirting. Woods quickly dashed AJ’s dreams for a romance when she said she’s too busy to be in one, and the big guy agreed with her.

AJ questioned the talkPSORT host, “Are you in a relationship?” after they had a brief fling. she answered, “I’m not in a relationship, are you?” The Watford native slugger later said he was single, but it appears he and Woods will continue on their own single paths for the foreseeable future.

When the blonde asked AJ if he felt the same way, AJ said, “Uh, sure.” But she added that she was “too focused on business” for a relationship at the moment. “We’ve got so much in common,” she said with the same upbeat tone. As AJ explained, he is now single because “with boxing, I feel I never wanted to commit because I didn’t want to go training and I’m busy squabbling with my missus or whatever and my head’s not in the game.”

Simply said, “I’ve resolved to keep my eyes where they belong.” In addition to Woods, Chelsea player Ruben Loftus-Cheek has just come out as interested in the host.

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