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Learn about DDG’s past relationships and current girlfriend in 2022!

ddg girlfriend

Who Is DDG?

American rapper, musician, and vlogger Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. was born on October 10, 1997. He goes by the names PontiacMadeDDG or just DDG.

In high school in 2014, he started making videos. Following his high school graduation in 2015, DDG used YouTube vlogs to expand his brand and content while enrolling at Central Michigan University. After a year, he withdrew from college to focus on his online and musical professions.

In addition to starting Zooted Music with his longtime manager Eric O’Connor and Dimitri Hurt, he joined Epic Records in 2018.

DDG Early Life

The birthplace of Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. in Pontiac, Michigan. He attended International Tech Academy and graduated first in his class. Darryl attended Central Michigan University after graduating from high school but left after only a year because he was earning $30,000 per month as a YouTuber. Darryl left Central Michigan and relocated to Hollywood, California to pursue his career as a performer full-time.

DDG’s girlfriend: Who is she now dating?

Halle Bailey and DDG began dating in November 2021. DDG’s new girlfriend is Halle Bailey. DDG writes “Love You Forever” in a lovely birthday post, reiterating his relationship status with Halle Bailey. The relationship between DDG and Halle Bailey has been made explicit on Instagram after months of dating rumours and proof that they have been going out on dates.

Who Is Halle Balley?

On March 27, 2000, in the United States, Halle Lynn Bailey was born. She writes songs, sings, and acts. She is most known for being one half of the Chloe x Halle duo, which is part of her sister Chloe Bailey’s older sister Chloe Bailey’s Parkwood Entertainment-signed group.

DDG’s Past Relationships: His Ex-Wives

Kennedy Cymone and DDG are wed (2018). DDG has been linked to a number of women over the years, including Lala Baptiste (2020), Seven Craft (2020), Briana Green (2020), Riley Simpson (2019), Himynamestee (2019), Ashley “OmgYoAsh” Marie (2019), Victoria Waldrip (2019), Tiana Musarra (2019), Emaza Dilan (2017), Rubi Rose (2020-2021), and Essence Nicole Smith.

Music Fame and Recent Endeavors

After the release of his singles, DDG began working with established record producers, such as TreOnTheBeat and Zaytoven, to produce the song “Big Boat,” which was meant to be a diss track directed at Lil Yachty. The song was accompanied by a music video, which gained a lot of attention online and amassed upwards of 10 million views. He released the track “Lettuce” and a remix of “Rubbin’ Off the Paint” by YBN Nahmir in late 2017 in collaboration with Famous Dex. He recently collaborated with G Herbo and Blac Youngsta on the tunes “Run It Up,” “Givenchy,” and “Take Me Serious.”

Many of the rappers he is close with—some of whom have been in his singles—have expressed a desire to work together in the past. DDG claims that he feels comparable to the rappers he has collaborated with because of his recent albums. He recently signed a record deal with Epic Records after devoting much more time and effort to his music. The amount of content he distributes online has been marginally impacted by his appearances performing at various public events, his plans to release additional music, and his consideration of a tour.

Expanding His Reach and Music

DDG made the decision to increase the amount of content he produced, so he started a second channel called PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS and began posting vlogs there that featured some of his daily activities. Additionally, the channel grew in popularity and swiftly attracted millions of viewers. “Brekaing Walmart Employee Ankles” and “A Killer Clown is Roaming my School” are two of his most well-liked videos. Then he made PontiacMadeDDG Reacts, a third channel, which is a reaction channel where, as the name implies, he reacts to various things. He began broadcasting on The DDG Family, his fourth station, in 2017.

To broaden his audience, he also started making accounts on other websites, streaming on sites like Twitch and YouNow. He has frequently stated that one of his interests is music. He enjoys rapping, and one of his earliest influences was the Canadian recording artist Drake. Following the construction of his SoundCloud account, he began to release his own music. His debut track, “Dope,” was made available online for free, and he followed it up with “G.O.A.T.” later that year.

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