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Leigh Sundem passed away after fighting a long and hard battle with drugs and alcohol addiction

Leigh Sundem passed away after fighting a long and hard battle with drugs and alcohol addiction

Who was Leigh Sundem? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

A woman named Leigh Sundem committed herself after failing to attain her goals. Leigh Sundem was a hardworking, goal-oriented woman. She was a role model for many people. She’d kicked her drug habit and worked hard to earn her MD degree. Georgia Southern University awarded her a bachelor’s degree. Her drinking and drug addiction began when she was in middle school. She was suffering from extreme anxiety and sadness. She began taking booze and drugs to help her cope with her depression.

She was admitted to a juvenile prison center on her 16th birthday, where her drug use was curtailed. She was then imprisoned for a few years while still battling her drug addiction. This entire thing occurred almost ten years ago. Her journey was documented on a podcast. She moved to Statesboro, Georgia, in 2007 and spent up to two years in several intensive addiction programs. That’s when she decided to offer a doctor. To pay her costs, she began working in a hospital.

An inspiring and motivating life story of Leigh Sundem

While conquering her drug addiction and working in the healthcare field at the same time, she determined that her life’s mission is to aid future teenagers and young adults suffering from mental illness. She began working at the Southern Georgia Centre for Drug Rehabilitation in 2008. This center assists individuals like Leigh in obtaining a college diploma and achieving professional success. She graduated from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with the help of the center and her family. She then earned a summa cum laude from Georgia Southern University’s program in 2012. She received a high MCAT score, which enabled her to gain admission to the University of Rochester School of Medicine. She received numerous prizes and grants during her time there.

Leigh Sundem passed away after fighting a long and hard battle with drugs and alcohol addiction

Leigh Sundem Committed suicide due to rejection

She wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon. She applied to the orthopedic surgery school but was turned down because of her drug-related criminal convictions. She was crushed by the rejection. She grew so powerless that she committed suicide on April 14, 2020. Her family and friends are being prayed for. We hope they have recovered from the loss of their loved ones.

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