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Lisa Hochstein’s divorced Lenny Hochstein because of his girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa.

Lisa Hochstein’s divorced Lenny Hochstein because of his girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa.

Lisa Hochstein is already a famous personality. She is a great actress. She is socially active on Instagram. People are much more interested in knowing about her. She is married to Lenny Hochstein. But after knowing about the girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa. Lisa divorced Lenny. 

Who are Lisa Hochstein, Lenny Hochstein and Katharina Mazepa? 

Lisa Hochstein is an actress. She is a popular television star on The Real Housewives of Miami. She is married to Lenny Hochstein. Lenny Hochstein’s real name is Leonard Hochstein. Lenny Hochstein is a popular celebrity surgeon. She was also referred to as ‘Boob God’ in the industry. They also have children in their marriage. Katharina Mazepa is an Australian model and Miss Vienna. She is just 26 years old. She is rumored to be with her new boyfriend, Lenny Hochstein. 

What is the statement given by Katharina Mazepa after the verdict given by Lisa Hochstein? 

Lisa Hochstein said that Lenny lied to both of them, i.e., she and his husband’s new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa. He was double dating. In contradiction to Lisa, Katharina said that Lisa knew about his relationship with Lenny. Lenny and Lisa were not sharing a special bond with each other and were sleeping in different bedrooms; Lenny shared this information to the media page six by sending mail. Lenny was never surprised that he divorced Lisa.

Lisa Hochstein, Lenny Hochstein and Katharina Mazepa

In 2019, Mazepa married U.S. Diplomat Shilo Mazepa, and both of them also divorced each other. Katharina said that Lenny never blindsided Lisa. She knows everything about Lenny and me as we separated from our spouses and divorced. We started dating after we separated from our spouses. In this difficult time, he always supported his family in every way possible. 

In every statement passed by Katharina Mazepa, she always claimed that she was not the reason behind their divorce and also she will never date a person who was happily married. First, Lenny never confirmed his divorce from Lisa, but he later confirmed it over the phone after seeing him with Katharina in Prime 112.

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