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Lisakhanya Lwana: Dale College’s sports player missed at 17: Death and obituary captured in CCTV

Lisakhanya Lwana: Dale College's sports player missed at 17: Death and obituary captured in CCTV
Lisakhanya Lwana: Dale College's sports player missed at 17: Death and obituary captured in CCTV

Lisakhanya Lwana, a 17-year-old rugby player for Dale College, was discovered dead on Tuesday after being missing since last Saturday. On Sunday, Lana’s body was found on the R63 between Quince and Masingata. He suffered several injuries, according to police records, and they believe he was the victim of a hit-and-run collision. “We have a memorial service scheduled for Lisakhanya’s passing, which has been in the works since last week.” We debated whether we should postpone it because of the shock of Liyabona’s death, but we will go forward with it. Then we’ll have a similar memorial ceremony for Liyabona later this week,” Shaw added. According to Shaw, the students’ mental health at the school is currently the principal focus.

“It’s been quite difficult to deal with, and many emotions are surfacing.” So on Monday, we’ll have several groups of counselling support. First, our school counsellor will meet with all volunteers at 8 a.m., after which we’ll have small group counselling sessions for various groups… We believe it is vital to do so to absorb all that is going on. So that’s how we’re dealing with the students,” the headmaster explained. 

Lisakhanya Lwana Death Cause:

After a few months, Lisakhanya Lwana, a 17-year-old girl, was discovered dead. His body was located on the R63 between Quince and Masingata on Sunday. It is unknown what caused her death or what happened to her. Cops are investigating the incident and gathering all available evidence. Cops are trying to figure out if the two instances are connected. The death of Tessie has prompted a lot of debate on the internet. His supporters have widely circulated this knowledge across all social media channels.

Accident Crash Death Video CCTV:

They reared this child, and he was a generational football star for his college team, and everyone admired him. He was a crucial player in a regional competition, and he had big expectations for his professional future. Unfortunately, everything is now gone, which is dreadful for Al. Reliable sources have expressed their sincere regrets for the tragedy. Regional politicians have taken this into account and have scheduled several talks with parents of small children. We’ll be returning soon with more information on this occurrence.

They’re seeking footage from surveillance and traffic cameras. On Thursday evening, all of the students gathered outside the high school to talk and pay homage to the young athlete. The police have also stated that they would conduct a thorough investigation into this occurrence and apprehend the perpetrator. Unfortunately, there have been no arrests as a result of this occurrence. Hearing of the death of a young kid is heartbreaking for both the parents and the youngster.

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