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Liza Minnelli presents an Oscar despite her health complications with the help of Lady Gaga

Liza Minnelli presents an Oscar despite her health complications with the help of Lady Gaga
Liza Minnelli presents an Oscar despite her health complications with the help of Lady Gaga

During this year’s Oscar ceremony, a sweet encounter involving legendary actress Liza Minnelli and movie star Lady Gaga is touching heartstrings everywhere, with several people complimenting the actress on her chivalry towards Minnelli. Lady  Gaga and Liza Minnelli, who has been in a wheelchair for a while, walked the platform at the Academy Awards to deliver the night’s last nomination for Outstanding Film, which went to Apple TV Plus’ ‘Coda.’ The crowd gave Liza Minnelli a big round of applause while standing in her honor, and Lady Gaga accompanied them in praising the 76-year-old legendary star. When the experienced actress looked to fumble on her lines as the Best Picture contenders were being introduced, Lady Gaga elegantly assisted her with the note cards and even extended her palm to offer her encouragement.

Who is Liza Mannelli?

Liza Mannelli is best known for her portrayal in “Cabaret,” although she’s been there for a considerable time before that. Liza Mannelli grew up in the shades of the Hollywood lifestyle, having been born in 1946 in California to two superstars, Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli. Her mom, a vocalist and actor, wowed the world with her strong yet tender voice and was already a Hollywood star.  Liza Mannelli took inspiration from her mother and ran with her newfound talent and swiftly rose to stardom. She earned a Tony award at the age of 19, an Academy Award for “Cabaret,” and wonderful praises for “New York, New York.” In 1990, she was honored with the Grammys Living Legend Award for her lifetime’s work. 

Why was Liza Mannelli in a wheelchair?

At the height of her stardom, Liza Minnelli was a prolific entertainer. Unfortunately, due to her physical state, she had to succumb to using a wheelchair throughout the decades. In the year 2000, Liza Minnelli was stricken with encephalitis, a brain infection. Motion difficulties, convulsions, and sensitivity to light and sound are all symptoms of this condition, which is also referred to as brain inflammation. She was recommended to use a wheelchair as a consequence. Because of this, she was seen on the platform at the Oscars 2022 in a wheelchair, accompanied by Lady Gaga, as they presented the best picture oscar. 

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