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Louis Kimble Murder Case, Obituary, Cause of Death

Louis Kimble Murder Case, Obituary, Cause of Death
Louis Kimble Murder Case, Obituary, Cause of Death

The Louis Kimble Murder case was indeed a haunting thing to hear. But, the case didn’t get the hype that it deserved. So, now through the medium of entertainment, the television industry is getting a series on the same murder case to highlight the sleek details that went unnoticed.

What was the Louis Kimble case?

Louis Kamble was murdered to death at his residence. He was a part of a love triangle. It has been reported that the triangle involved his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend, and himself. The two women allegedly engaged in a fight, and then the aftermath of the fight resulted in the killing of Louis. The women kept on blaming each other for the death.

The police haven’t highlighted the case, and it is said that the investigations also went off too soon. Louis had suffered fatal injuries, and his dead body was found in a very bad state. Despite these horrific details, Louis’s case was not paid attention to.

The incident had happened in 2006 in Louis’s private residence.

The police failed to pick up the minute details of the case, but now, the television industry is bringing this story back in 2022. The murder mystery was featured on TV One’s Fatal Attraction. 

The episode has been very accurately titled Death in the Desert. It aired on the 28th of March 2022 on TV One. Unfortunately, this has shown the most minute details of the case that the police officials left out. The victim’s details in real life aren’t very clear as there is no obituary found. There has been an apprehension that the family wished to keep the details of their loved one private.

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