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“Love All Play episode 12”. The latest buzz in the Korean drama industry, the date of its release, has been leaked

"Love All Play episode 12". The latest buzz in the Korean drama industry, the date of its release, has been leaked

 All the fans are keeping up with the show “Love All Play” and watching its episodes just on the day of their release. Since many of you are curious to know about the launch of “Love All Play Episode 12”, here is more information about it.

All the rom-com lovers are eager to watch “Love All Play Episode 12” after the last cliff-hanger of the last episode. 

The main cast of the show includes Jong Hyeop and Park Ju. Hyun. This is just how a typical Korean drama is. The show depicts a rivalry between the co-stars; they compete with each other in the badminton competition. A feeling of competition between them slowly unfolds into romance and affection. It has some cute scenes that attract rom-com lovers the most. At the show’s start, there is no sign of comedy until the characters start to get along. They play for a team called Yunis. It depicts a sports romance with several twists and turns.

Preview of episode 11-

Episode 11 of Love All Play was released on 27th April 2022. The male lead, Chae Jong-Hyeop, is shown to be passionate about his badminton career earlier but soon loses interest in it due to his parents. Later, his interest grows again in the quest to win the female lead’s heart. 

The female lead, Park Ju Hyun, loved badminton earlier and wanted to pursue a career in it, but she leaves badminton due to a meeting scandal that she faced three years ago. When she joints again after three long years, she meets Chae Jong-Hyeop. You have to watch the remaining episodes as they release to see the love between them bloom.

Love All Play episode 12

  • When will “Love All Play Episode 12” be aired?

Episode 12, the most-watched Korean series, Love All Play, will be released on 18th June 2022. According to the makers.

  • Where can you stream the latest episodes of “Love All Play?

You can watch the premiere of the upcoming episode and previous episodes on Disney and KBS2. On KBS2, you can watch it at 21:50 KST.

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