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Lucas McDonald, a seven-weeks-old child, was murdered by his own father in cold blood

Lucas McDonald

In remote Victoria, a father went on trial accused of the crime of killing his seven-week-old infant boy. In the shocking case that stunned the nation and made people question every bound of morality when detectives showed the video of him demanding that he steps forth Joseph McDonald, then aged 22, turned himself in to authorities.

Throughout his trial before a judge, he remained silent, not uttering a single word in his defense. Lucas McDonald, JosephMcDonald’s kid, passed away on October 29, 2019, at Monash Children’s Hospital. Lucas’ mother and Joseph’s ex-wife, Sam Duckmanton, called Joseph a monster and that he had no right to call himself a father. 

What happened that led to Lucas’s death?

Lucas was taken to a Benalla clinic with life-harming wounds on October 25 before being transported to Monash Health clinic, whereupon he would die four days later. The infant was transported to the clinic with life-threatening wounds in Benalla, in the state’s northeast, before being moved to the Monash Children’s Hospital.

Lucas McDonald Wiki

It was on trial, that the court was informed that the gaming addicted father grew irritated because Lucas’ weeping disrupted his gaming. On October 24, 2019, Joseph McDonald grabbed Lucas and hit his head so badly on the floor that he suffered severe brain trauma.

The 23-year-old dad misled his spouse and physicians over what had occurred, delaying the discovery of blunt trauma harm. Joseph McDonald departed the clinic after further diagnostics suggesting Lucas’ wounds can not have been inflicted by a mistake and that he would not live after sustaining these injuries.

After detectives published footage of him and asked him to come forward, he ultimately gave himself up to authorities and faced the consequences of his crime which led to the death of his own child. The court found him guilty and sentenced Joseph McDonald to nine years in jail with a non-parole period of six years and eight months.

Tributes to Baby Lucas

Lucas was described as a “beautiful little angel” by a family member, who claimed the tragedy had crushed their hearts. According to one of Lucas’ aunts, “You were not deserving of everything that happened to you. Every day, I miss you and will never forget you.” Sam Duckmanton, the child’s mother, stated her kid was perfect in every aspect and that she wishes she could have sheltered him from danger. “I couldn’t protect him because I trusted Joseph … I loved him,” she stated.

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