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Lynn R Roy and Conrad H Roy Jr fought for the justice for their son who committed suicide

Lynn R Roy and Conrad H Roy Jr fought for the justice for their son who committed suicide
Lynn R Roy and Conrad H Roy Jr fought for the justice for their son who committed suicide

Lynn R Roy and Conrad H Roy are the parents of Conrad Roy who committed suicide in 2014. The teenager, Conrad Roy committed suicide at an age of 18. Late, it was known that Conrad was encouraged to commit suicide by Michelle Carter, his friend.

The new Hulu series, The Girl From Plainville, will showcase the suicide case of Conrad Roy and also Michelle’s influence on him for taking his own life to death. On March 29, the series will be premiered on Hulu. 

The parents of Conrad, Lynn R Roy and Conrad H Roy were in shock because of the death of their son who was absolutely fine. His mother Lynn had a doubt that her son’s suicide cannot be an act of his own and felt that it was held to someone’s influence.

Lynn later convicted Michelle Carter, a friend of Conrad, of her son’s murder as she told Michelle that she was loved by Conard. Also, did not disclose the messages which were conveyed between them. The suicide case turned around when the text messages between Michelle and Conard were revealed which showed that she convinced Conard to such a level that he took his own life.

Conrad came out for a second from his pickup car filled with CO, but she somehow convinced him to go inside the car. In 2017, Michelle went for trial to involuntary manslaughter due to the text messages.

About Conard’s Family

The family of Conard Roy included his parents Lynn R Roy and Conrad H Roy Jr and his sibling. The oldest among the three siblings was Conard.

Morgan and Camdyn were his two young sisters. The parents of Conard got divorced in 2012, when he was just 12 years old. After the divorce of his parents, he was not in a good mental space and later he also tried to kill himself by taking acetaminophen in overdose.

Essentially, Conard started his college very early, but it did not work as he was found dead in his pickup car which he drove, and committed suicide.

He committed suicide by filling up the car with carbon monoxide. Later his parents fought hard for their son’s uncertain suicide and finally his friend was sentenced to death.

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