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New Samsung Mobile Would Have Been Canceled Due To The Lack Of Chips

Samsung would have had no choice but to cancel the Galaxy S21 FE, after months of rumors that have revealed almost all the details of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is the worst kept secret of the year, one of the most leaked mobiles; the reason is that its launch has been constantly delayed, which has given the opportunity to know a little more about this mobile each time. Initially, everything indicated that this model was going to be presented at this year’s Samsung Unpacked, along with the folding ones, but it was delayed and October was going to be the new launch date.

But the latest news coming from South Korea and the DDaily medium are not flattering, and everything indicates that finally, Samsung will cancel the launch , in addition to the new Unpacked that it had prepared for these dates.

The reason for the cancellation is twofold. For starters, Samsung suffers the same as the rest of the industry, the shortage of chips and semiconductors exacerbated by the effect of the pandemic but which is already evident that it is an independent problem. Simply, Samsung is not sure of receiving the number of chips needed if it decides to launch this model; in the worst case, you could find yourself with too many different phones on the market and little stock of each.

Related to this, the second reason is the success of folding mobiles, specifically the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 ; its low price relative to the Z Fold 3 makes it much more attractive, and it has become the first folding of many users. The problem is that this model uses the Snapdragon 888, the same processor that the Galaxy S21 FE was going to use , so Samsung is faced with a difficult decision: does it launch this new model, at the risk of affecting the stock and therefore sales of its folding?

Samsung explained to before the launch of the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 that it was going to bet on folding, with the confidence that this sector would grow exponentially over the next few years. It would make sense to cancel a model like the S21 FE, in exchange for protecting a more important model for the future of the company like the Z Flip 3.

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