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Dulantzi Amateur Theater Festival Raises the Curtain

The fifteenth edition of the Dulantzi Amateur Theater Festival gets underway this afternoon with the first of nine performances that will be carried out by the Alicante company Ayusteatro It is about the work Bird Trap by José Luis Alonso de Santos The appointment with the public in the Txema Blasco auditorium tickets can be obtained for 3 euros will take place from 730 pm

On the stage under the direction of Cerdá will be the interpreters Chema Escribano Felipe Navarro and Pascuala Marchán who will once again display their great acting skills in this montage considered by critics as one of the most interesting and hard works of the Spanish theater of the twentieth century a text that contains highly current elements.

The work will be carried out by Ayusteatro a formation from Alicante that was born in 2015 This production is its second production Its members have belonged to various amateur groups and have participated in various festivals where they have won a good number of awards ranging from awards for direction to interpretation through set design assembly and best group Its primary goal is the dissemination and promotion of the performing arts.

In the opinion of the members of the Ibi company competitions such as Dulantzis make it possible for us to represent our productions beyond our cities a task that pushes the groups to carry out better preparation and makes the level of amateur theater stand out rising like foam.

In this montage the curtain rises on the old attic of Spanish memory as explained by the company directed by Tere Cerdá Gisbert In it we find Mauro a veteran policeman who in the past lived under the protection of a repressive regime.

Abel his brother who left the family home to carve out his future or perhaps to flee from his present and Mari trapped between the memory of an impossible love and the tyranny of a dinosaur anchored in the most stale ideals Outside are all the others the others society history and perhaps our future All of this narrated over a period of about 75 minutes.

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